Miami Vice.

MM called me Tubbs this morning and I wasn’t sure if he was referring to Miami Vice or The League of Gentlemen (a reference some US readers won’t appreciate – sorry!).  I am guessing it was the former given my white ensemble today.

This is a case of poor preparation.  I was planning to wear skinny jeans and then remembered I was having a pedicure later so I needed to wear a skirt, shorts or jeans I can roll up.  I went with the jeans – but tried to substitute my distressed white skinnies from H&M for shiny white 501s and it really hasn’t worked – the proportions are all wrong.  Even after a jacket change I’m still not happy. But after faffing around with photos etc…I didn’t have time to start again.  So here I am.  When it warms up later I’ll be taking my jacket off, and adding flip flops after the pedicure – a much better ensemble I think – and at least my feet will be looking good.  I’m trying to distress these 501s slowly with a razor – I keep shaving threads off a couple of patches, hoping that with some washing they will split, but it’s not happening fast enough so I may just have to resort to the sandpaper trick.

With the first Zara jacket:


Jacket – Zara // Jeans – Levi 501s // Sneakers – Isabel Marant Bobbys // Top – Zara

After changing the jacket (White jersey blazer from Zara – old):

IMG_5732 IMG_5726


A quick note too – as many of you know I churn my closet often and I’ve been selling gently used items that are all in excellent condition here on eBay.  Given my ‘power seller’ status and 100% rating I’ve decided to try out my own store front here on the blog.  If you click ‘Shop‘ on the menu you will see a couple of items listed.  I’ll be adding more here, instead of eBay, to see how it goes.  Payment is still easy and secure through Paypal.


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6 thoughts on “Miami Vice.

  1. Sue

    It’s funny how white jackets always seem to inspire the Miami Vice reference. The last time I wore a white blazer, the boyfriend at the time muttered something along those lines and quick as a flash it was ebayed. That was about 14 years ago though.

    I think the lower half needs to be skinny jeans to bring the shape in. The blouse is billowy and the jeans are loose. But on another note, can I say the cleavage is looking stupendous ;o)

  2. avenue57

    WOW colours are superb – I am LOVING that coral top from Zara – I should just buy it instead of dithering!
    I agree with Sue and you probably know it already that skinny jeans would be EPIC but I love and all white look – just love it

  3. Thankfifi

    ooh a pedicure – I never used to understand the appeal until I found a great great place to have one and now I am hooked!

    thanks so much for your sweet comment today – have a great weekend.x


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