NYFW trip part 1

Phew – back in Atlanta. I love going away but I love coming home even more! It was actually a fabulously indulgent weekend on my own, which involved shopping, eating and a party for good measure! I have to say, of all my visits to NYC, this was by far the hottest and most humid it has ever been – it was pretty uncomfortable – so I had to keep popping in lovely places for the air conditioning 🙂

Before I left I had my haircut – thanks to Chadd and Gina yet again for making me feel absolutely amazing – no clothes can do what a great haircut can.


To travel in I wore my James Perse wrap dress and Golden Goose glitter sneakers – I was in such a rush for the cab I didn’t get a full length shot! Atlanta Hartsfield airport certainly got an eyeful of my cleavage though!


Of course I had the obligatory cocktail before boarding.


I was starving when I arrived so after dropping my bags at the InterContinental, Times Square I jumped on the Subway straight down to SoHo. My first meal had to be a Jack’s Wife Freda. I’d been fantasizing about it ever since I was there back at the end of May with Cali. It’s one of those great bar/restaurants where I could eat every meal from breakfast to dinner – and I almost did!

IMG_0782 IMG_0787 IMG_0791

I then ended up in AllSaints around the corner – how convenient! I purchased the amazing Agi dress (UK 12) and the incredible Haff sweater (Medium) – I just love a cold shoulder and it makes this chunky knit super sexy! You must visit the SoHo location when you are next there – the staff are brilliant and could not have been more helpful. Trying on knits in 90 degree heat was not my idea of fun and they were super accommodating.



To celebrate my purchases I popped into Balthazar for a margarita.


You may notice I did also manage to find time to nip into Uniqlo for my Husband. Last year I bought their great Men’s cashmere crewnecks for myself and this year he requested the cardigans – the quality is outstanding for $99!

Uniqlo cardigan


That turned out to be enough excitement for Friday – and I was in bed by 8pm!! How things change!

I’ll be back with all the exciting events of Saturday soon! Now off to take my sweet fur babies out for a walk – I missed them like crazy!


13 thoughts on “NYFW trip part 1

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Our kind of day hey:) – well more prosecco could have been imbibed but apart from that it was pretty much perfect! xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I know – I wish we’d had more time to browse last time! I much prefer shopping in the cold too! xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I am just in love with their new season. I went into Zara an did a U-turn – they just aren’t doing it for me right now. I just wish I’d had time to go in Mango as we don’t have a store here in Atlanta!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Yes – it was! I great balance of all activities – just how I planned it – it doesn’t always work out that way though!

  1. doesmybumlook40 (@doesmybumlook40)

    It sounds so amazing, it really does. I haven’t been to NY for waaaaaay too long, I am so overdue a trip. But I really wanted to say OMG – I am so in love with your hair. Please never ever change it – it looks just the best I have ever seen it. Simply adore it. x

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Come with me next time!!! And thank you for the compliment! It still takes a while to style it – I have to keep it feminine being so short! x

  2. Paulina

    Hi there! I enjoyed reading your blog and would love to ask you a couple of questions via email. Could you send me a note at the address provided? Thank you!


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