Mango 40% off everything code!

Sorry for my absence this week – I have been sick as a dog with some kind of gastro flu uuurgghh. I’m on the mend now though and managed to make it to the Governor’s Mansion today to see Poppy’s school chorus sing for all those visiting and touring the mansion. I can finally say I am starting to feel festive and I shed my first tear of the season.

I did want to share a fabulous code for Mango with you – not sure if it was just sent to those of us with the app but it is described as a ‘private sale code’ – in the US it is 6SALES2 and will give you 40% OFF EVERYTHING till tomorrow. Enjoy!

Based on previous experiences it may work for the UK if you remove the 2 at the end – but I have been unable to track down a UK code to be sure.



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