A diagnosis

What a week! I am thoroughly relieved to get to Friday. After my skin check the other week at the dermatologists, I heard on Tuesday that the mole on my left thigh that I was concerned about is actually in situ melanoma. Thank goodness I persisted and kept getting it checked – though I am furious that after 3 years and 3 annual checks, where I repeatedly asked for this particular mole to be looked at, I was continually told it ‘looks fine’. Eventually my dermatologist biopsied it and my gut was right. So on Tuesday I will be heading in for a procedure done under a local where they remove a circle of skin from around the mole. I’ll have some scarring – but nothing a fun tattoo won’t cover up:) Please, please, please always persevere and get a second opinion if you think your concerns are being ignored. I daren’t even think what could have been if I hadn’t. I’m certainly a little shaken as cancer is always something that happens to other people not you, plus my brother has just had testicular cancer removed at Christmas. Fortunately his scans gave him the all clear though he has opted for a dose of chemo, which he gets on Monday, just to be safe. I am praying that these things come in twos not threes. I am determined that this diagnosis will only make me stronger, fitter and a better version of me.

boots CollageBoots – Stuart Weitzman Lowland in currant // Jeans – Zara // Jumper – Boden Off Duty jumper

cap CollageSneakers – Adidas (old – similar here) // Trousers – J.Crew (on sale with an extra 40% off with HELLOSALE) // Shirt – Mango (on sale 50% off) // Jumper – J.Crew (on sale with an extra 50% off with HELLOSALE) // Cap – J.Crew (old)


16 thoughts on “A diagnosis

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Ha – I ONLY have burgundy Lowlands – my others are the heeled version – the Highland, or I have the 5050s too…you know me and boots…xx

  1. Chris Reynaud

    I had a scare a couple of years back with a mole at the bottom of my spine. It was my beloved husband who noticed (I certainly wasn’t going to see it!) and packed me off tow have an extra check. The derma to removed it the next day, and it was indeed a nasty one. What would have happened if I lived on my own with nobody to eye me up starkers? I dread to think.

  2. Sue

    Glad you kept on top of everything and kept with your gut instinct – but yes, I can imagine it was really scary for you. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger as the saying goes!

  3. wockyjabber

    Ugh. I have a mole that went through all of that on my back. The scar isn’t pretty. Every time I go the Dermatologist she wants to remove another mole for biopsy. I’m a piece of Swiss cheese at this point. You may want to seek out a new Dermatologist. I’d rather have them be overly cautious than reckless.

  4. ja4marti

    I am so glad you were your own advocate and kept at it until you found out the truth, even though it is a bit of a scary one.

    Loving the sporty outfits!

  5. Becky

    Good on you Joanna, it’s so true that we know our own bodies better than anyone, and if making the doctor sick of the sight of you is the only way to get what you want, that’s what you do!

    Becky x

    1. Max Bossini

      Stay strong! You are amazing. I had a cancerous tumor removed from my breast 2 weeks ago..The Scariest Time. EVER. But it WILL make you re-think your priorities & YES! Let’s all fight together xx (and share fash tips

  6. Tanya

    Great advice! We often tend to stick our heads into the sand instead of bugging the doctors to check things out. Couple of years ago I noticed a weird spot on my Mom’s back. She went to the doc and sure enough it was melanoma, plus they found another one in her armpit. So she had both removed, had to stay in a hospital for a couple of days. We live in Israel and you can’t hide from the sun, so gotta be extra vigilant. I guess Atlanta is the same.
    Good luck!


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