A spray tan and new Ancient Greeks

So we’re off on Spring Break hooray!!! We’re all ready for our annual pilgrimage to the Alabama coast – the wine is bought, the grill is packed and the bikinis are out. I’ve even had a spray tan today as after my melanoma scare I refuse to sit and sizzle in the sun like usual – only I do love being brown!

Hence my makeup free appearance here this morning – but I wanted to share my new Ancient Greeks with you! You’ll remember I was originally lusting after the Stuart Weitzman Backview. I tried them on a couple of weeks ago and I was SO disappointed. For a $500 shoe the elastic straps along the back felt cheap – especially as they fastened with velcro – which I envisioned would become nasty very quickly picking up hair and fluff. The elastic fibres also risks puckering and breaking if they are pulled too tight across the calf.

It’s a shame as Giselle looks amazing in them:

SW Backview

Anyway I got them out of my system, and I was pretty sure I needed to move on from gladiator sandals – certainly a risky choice for an almost 44 year old, with moderately okay legs – still they are very much a love ’em or loathe ’em type sandal. That was until I saw the Kori Ancient Greek arrive exclusively on Net-a-porter.com. I have a couple of Ancient Greek sandals from last year and I love them – they are handmade in Greece so I claim it’s my attempt to alleviate their debt.

The Kori comes in nude or black and is a lace up sandal with thong – it’s the thong that most appeals to me as cheaper versions with a strap across from Mango and Zara just don’t work for my wide feet and sticky out toes.

kori black kori neutral

I had to get them on quickly today – and that is no mean feat. Make sure you have time to spare to lace and adjust the height! I wore mine quite low for the photo here – but they do extend all the way up to below my knee too which I think looks more flattering. I’m wearing my darkest, loosest dress ready to throw on after my spray tan! Thankfully I am not orange, nor am I milky white as here anymore – just a lovely glowy tan color – thanks True Glow!

Ancient greeksSandals – Ancient Greek Kori // Dress – ASOS t-shirt dress

I guarantee these sandals will sell out fast as they are only available on NAP and one of the few options this year with a thong – so if you are tempted my advice is don’t delay!

See you from the beach and Happy Easter all!


12 thoughts on “A spray tan and new Ancient Greeks

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thanks Jane! I have so much to catch up on now – it’s going to be hard to get back to normal next week!

  1. Becky

    Crikey Joanna, if your legs are only moderately okay there’s no hope for me! Those sandals are about as far from my comfort zone as it gets, but you totally rock them – who cares about your age? And you’re helping the global debt crisis into the bargain – everybody wins! ;-D Have a fabulous break xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thanks Becky! I’ll be blogging again soon – our break has been wonderful but I have lots to catch up on now! Xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hopefully my styling of them will improve over time and I can’t wait to wear them with my tan!

  2. Carolyn

    Of course Giselle looks amazing she’s Giselle ! Love your sandal choice and hope you had a great Easter x

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Very true lol – Easter was lovely thanks and I’ll be posting again once I’m back from spring break next week!

  3. Shybiker

    What pretty sandals! They look great on you. I just discovered your blog — by coincidence, I visited Atlanta last month to see a blogger-friend of mine. Nice place.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I stopped by your blog and can’t wait to read more posts once I’m back from sprin break!

  4. In Mama's Wardrobe

    I can’t believe a year has flown by & its time for Spring break again?! I shall be sitting here #jel of your beach posts & wishing I was there too! I hope you are having a wonderful break & get some much deserved chill out time with your gorgeous Hubby & kids! xx

  5. Ale Stedman

    I’ve been a fan of ancient greek for a while – they transform an outfit -and love that you’ve gone with the leg wrap ones – I’m too scared and just went for black ankle strap ones x


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