Starting 2016 the right way

I was reading Nikki over at the other day. Her Project Happier really struck a chord with me.

I am a naturally outgoing person, being a Leo, and mostly love being around other people. I would say 90% of the time I am naturally happy and I always tend to take things in my stride. Over the past couple of years though that remaining 10% has raised it’s ugly head more regularly than I’d like.

I think I’ve always felt a sense of loss since moving to Atlanta. As much as I love living here, grief at having ‘lost’ my life in the UK can occur. It’s a sense of ‘loss’ and ‘being lost’. In 2015 I think it was exacerbated by my melanoma diagnosis. As amazing as my husband and family are, it was trying going through something so traumatic away from ‘home’. I went on anti-depressants for a while which ultimately led to a 40lb weight gain in a very short period of time. At the end of the year I decided the pills weren’t really needed and that the weight gain was probably exacerbating any ‘sadness’ I was experiencing. So I am starting 2016 with my own ‘Project Happiness’. I’m going to tackle that troublesome 10% and flip it to HAPPY!

I’ve started with a clean eating program – Whole30. I’ve always exercised frequently – if you follow on Instagram myself and a few others still use #PSFitClub for motivation. It’s now time to fix my food intake. I yo-yo a lot and I LOVE food. Living in the South with fried grits, biscuits and fried chicken does not help! So instead of following a ‘diet’ I have immersed myself in what I hope will be a ‘lifestyle’ change. In fact I have just taken the kids to their favorite diner for breakfast before school resumes tomorrow, and as torturous as I knew it would be watching them consume pancakes and syrup and vanilla milkshakes, I actually really enjoyed my omelette with sliced tomato. Honest! Whole30 isn’t supposed to be about weight loss – more to do with resetting your digestive system and ridding yourself of sugar cravings, but I’m hoping with the workouts I will be on the right path to regaining my svelte figure in a healthy manner. It’s also supposed to help your mind too – it really is compelling reading. I’ll keep you posted and my Instagram will give you a glimpse of my daily eating and challenges if you are interested!

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 12.00.07 PMJumper – Everlane // Coat – Zara // Bag – Mansur Gavriel // Jeans – Zara (old) // Sneakers – Nike Air Max

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 12.00.20 PMSneakers – Nike Thea in Olive // Pants – Reebok (on sale here) // Jumper – H&M // Bag – Mansur Gavriel // Hat – Nordstrom (old but blue on sale here)


8 thoughts on “Starting 2016 the right way

  1. cc

    Well, good luck with your 10%. You look lovely as always, but wish you well with your new diet, and I will check you instagram for some food inspiration! I think it is difficult being away from “home” no matter how much you rebuild your life somewhere else. My sister and her family lived in Germany for 6 years, and although I think she was happy there, she was homesick all the time. They did move back this year and I think that she feels at home again. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  2. Lizzy

    Good luck Joanna. I love your posts as well as your style and your honesty is so refreshing. You’re a beautiful woman with a doting husband and gorgeous children and I love seeing your family pics on Instagram as well as your outfits. Happy New Year! ? xxx

  3. molliecollie

    Good on you. Low carbing has made me a much better person. Reduced aches and pains, much less anxiety and depression and significant weight loss – you’ll love it after the first two weeks ( which can be hell)!

  4. jlacy1010

    Good luck with your “Life Change” Joann. I have followed your blog for several years and watched how you have changed over that time. When I first started reading, you were doing quite a lot of running. The endorphins that are released during exercise really go a long way toward your overall feeling of happiness along with a positive and energized outlook on life…plus it helps you to take off weight and improve your health. Eliminating alcohol, which is a depressant, will help with weight loss too. I wish you much success in 2016!

  5. sarah

    Hey Joanna, bring miserable sucks, but sometimes it’s good to have a good old wallow in it, eat some choc biccies & then pick yourself up. Ad’s never work because they just mask the cause.
    Great to hear you’ve stopped taking them, when I stopped them (they turned me into a zombie) I occasionally took 5HTP. Fantastic stuff, read up on them, it’s like seeing the fog clear. They reminded me what it was like to be happy again.
    Good luck.

  6. Becky @ re:style

    I think you’re one of the most positive people I’ve met Joanna, and it really shines through in your posts. It’s completely understandable that you’d feel some sadness at being so far from friends and family, but you’re really doing the right thing by looking after yourself and your body. I’ve been amazed at how cutting out the crap has affected my state of mind, it’s been a real revelation! xx

  7. Midlifechic

    Hi Poppy – just catching up on your posts and wanted to say thank you for mentioning Project Happier. It’s great that we’re stirring up some enthusiasm for getting to grips with the new year – I know I need to! Anyway I’ve now followed your example by booking in some overdue health checks so thanks for that too xxx


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