The new normal

My mum and dad left for home yesterday after a lovely visit. It was so nice to have them here and show them some of our regular haunts. We ate out nearly everyday, which got me thinking about my weight. I exercise almost daily, running at least 3 miles with some weights thrown in here and there. I also plank every day with Poppy! However, the scales never budge as I still indulge in my food and wine – maybe even justifying it after a long run.

Long term readers will know that I lost about 40lbs probably about 5-6 years ago now using Jenny Craig. As successful as Jenny was I am loathed to use them again as I really don’t like the idea of frozen, processed food 3 times a day. So after hearing about the success that friends in the UK have had with Slimming World – I have signed up to give this a try! It makes sense counting syns and optimizing your food with ‘good’ food, so we’ll see how it goes! Today is my first day. If any of you have tried Slimming World before I’d love to know your thoughts!

After Memorial Day we now have a new normal routine – the kids are at camp in the morning while I work, we then head to the pool and then I work out in the evening! It seems I have more to fit in a day than when they are at school! Plus we only have 4 weeks till Turkey wooo hooo!

Here’s today’s comfy outfit for the heat and the first day back in the office for a while!

culottesShoes – Mango (reduced from $89.99 to $49.99) // Top – Mango // Culottes – ASOS (similar here)



8 thoughts on “The new normal

  1. Heidi

    My mum lost over 3 stone with slimming world and years later hasn’t put any of it back on (she still follows it). Weirdly for someone who always struggled with her weight, she now often struggles to not drop below her target weight! Some of the things you can eat and the quantity allowed is amazing! Xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Good for your mum! I love it and I’m really enjoying cooking and eating with this plan! It’s so easy once you know what food is on which list! X

  2. Alison Duffy

    I am a few months in and 2 stone down and eating more than ever! It really is good and believe me, I think I have done them all at this stage! Stick with it, it starts making sense in week 2.

  3. Sarah

    I run a few times a week & am heavier than I’ve been for a few years. My 5k parkrun burns around 330 cals, I then go & drink a (well earned imo) waitrose latte 105 cals, a cheeky grapefruit mojito or 2 later that evening & I’m already on a downward spiral. Think I’m a bit older than you, but feel hormones are not on my side (I’ve visceral fat/middle age spread ) & my penchant for nibbling has increased. Good luck with SW, might do it myself!
    Logging everything on myfitnesspal is also ace…who wants to weigh crisps?!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I’m loving it so far! I feel like this plan has more you can eat than can’t eat like other plans! I could live off baked potatoes alone! Xx

  4. Diane

    Ive just started the slimming world plan. I just want to lose 3/4 of a stone, but as I have started working full time I had got out of cooking from scratch preferring to go to convenience foods. The overnight oat recipe from SW is amazing as is their syn free fish and chips. I also find that The kids eat the same as me too so no preparing two meals. Good luck. Keep us posted.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Down 3lbs in 2 weeks and that’s with the odd glass of wine! I love all the free food and find it so easy to put a syn free meal together! X


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