Things I couldn’t travel without…

Traveling abroad is always a packing challenge for me. Every year I try capsule packing. This year I feel I may have cracked it clothes wise, but there are some new beauty items that I have trialled this year and now feel I couldn’t travel without.

  1. Clinique moisture surge

Clinique moisture surge

A good moisturizer is essential when flying, yet I knew Istanbul would be really humid – in fact it was steamy after a couple of downpours, so I didn’t want anything greasy. Clinique’s Moisture Surge is fabulous – my skin absorbs it really quickly without any greasiness or residue. It’s now a firm favorite of mine.

2. Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm

Clinique Take the day off balm

I still like to wear eye makeup on vacation when we’re out in the evening. I don’t however like carrying bottles of oily makeup remover in my bags. This Take The Day Off balm is fabulous for travel. It’s a solid cream so no danger of spillage and it is luxurious to massage on your face before washing. It removes all my makeup easily and gently.

3. Dior Rosy Glow Awakening Blush

Dior blush

This blush is perfection! For a slight healthy glow just brush lightly across your cheekbones. It leaves a wonderfully natural glow with the tiniest amount – so yes it may be pricey but it will last forever!

4. Hill & Friends mini happy bag

Hill & Friends

Ok so not a beauty item but this is now a firm essential. I’ll be honest I probably would never have purchased this bag myself. Although I loveĀ leopard print the whole smiley, emoji fastener seemed a bit twee for me. Sue won one each for us in a Hill & Friends instagram competition at Christmas and I hadn’t used it, so I even tried to sell it. THANK. GOODNESS. I. DIDN’T! It is the PERFECT size for travel – city travel especially. I can easily fit my glasses, sunglasses, wallet, some makeup and a phone in here, yet it is small enough to use as an evening bag, or a cross body bag for wandering around a city. I now wouldn’t part with it for love nor money! In fact I’m even contemplating this one in clearance at 50% off!

Hill & Friends




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