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Yummy Thai.

It’s a quiet day in the office today so my fabulous Husband has just offered to take me for lunch – what a lovely surprise – so we’re off for Thai.  Not really on the diet plan but hey I’ll go off to the gym later to compensate:)

I watched the first half of the Jubilee concert last night and absolutely loved it – I am amazed how many people were out on The Mall!  It made me feel tremendously homesick – I’ve strolled down there countless times to then walk through St. James’s Park back to Westminster – one of my favorite ‘most London’ walks, where I felt more like a tourist rather than a resident.  I think I need to plan a girls trip back to London again for some sight seeing and fun:)

Anyway before I plan for more trips I need to prepare to head for the UK on the 18th of this month!  I feel quite overwhelmed tackling the packing for 3 of us for the unpredictable North West weather – layering may be the key.  I also have the daunting task of whittling down my shoes from the ‘really want to take’ 6 pairs to the ‘really need to take’ 3 pairs.  I’m wondering whether the hot spell a couple of weeks ago is it for the UK?  There’s usually only one per year – so do I gamble and not take shorts or a sundress?  If it does get hot I can always pop into Sainsbury’s for some great deals – I got a gorgeous blue sundress from there 2 years ago when I was caught out by rising temperatures.  To add to the complexity I now have a 6 year old asking me if she can do all her own packing without any help…hmmm maybe not as the first thing she put in the pile was her Girl’s World head!

My ensemble today demonstrates how brilliantly previous seasons from Boden complement current seasons.  The cardigan is the long line cardigan in pewter from summer 2011 that I got in the sale – I love this color and it’s an almost identical style to this season’s effortless cardigan.  This pewter coordinates perfectly with the border print tunic in pewter from this season, and even better my Tory Burch Eddies in camilla pink pick out the pink in the tunic brilliantly.  I feel wonderful in this today and can’t believe I nearly passed up on this tunic thinking it was too similar to last year’s Terazzo.  The tunic by the way is my usual US 6 – I know some have said size up but as I have no hips I didn’t need to.

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My First Boden Summer 2012 Order Has Arrived!

I vacillated over this order for some time.  Unusual for me.  Of course I ended up placing the order as previously when I have been on the fence and not ordered, hoping to try them in the clearance, the items have promptly received rave reviews and sold out  – the Border print tunic for instance (though more stock was recently added so I swooped!).

It was initially the print of the Fab jersey tunic that I couldn’t decide on – I loved the colors and have a current obsession with green – so knowing how often fabrics look better in real life than online, I ordered both the prune and the moss.  I am thrilled I did!  I like the pebble colorway too but think it’s a bit too pale for me.  As always the jersey is super soft and stretchy and to me the cut feels as if it does nip in a little at the waist making it less straight up and down.  I ordered the US 6 which seems to be my regular size for Boden tunics – especially jersey.  I’m 5’6″, 140lbs, 36C with no waist so I definitely think a Boden US 6/UK 10 is more generous than other brands.  The prune is gorgeous – a lovely brown background and the lilac flowers are gorgeous, so even though it is brown the colors feel very summery – it’s going to be stunning with a golden tan (spf everyone!!).

The moss is lovely too.  I think moss is a bad color name – for me it conjures up dirty greens on a damp day – not good!  This green is actually much fresher and vibrant – though not lurid and fluorescent – a good balance and again perfect for summer.  The navy flowers mean it can be worn easily with navy shoes too – but nude flats would look great with both colorways.

The Fab jersey tunic comes heartily recommended!



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