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When you’re woken by an earthquake…

It was early morning and we’d just gone to bed after a lovely evening out in Datça. I was reading and the Husband was falling asleep. Suddenly my Husband appeared to be having a major twitching fit in his sleep…but no the walls are shaking too?! He sat bolt upright as I tried to comprehend what was happening. A storm maybe? Dave jumped out of bed and said ‘quick get the kids!’ I stumbled to the door – the power was out – so I looked for my phone for the torch app. ‘My god is it an earthquake?’ It suddenly dawned on me as  the walls were still shaking. It seemed like it lasted 20 mins but can’t have been more than a couple of minutes. It was really scary! Fortunately the power came back on, I then proceeded to update my social media accounts to inform everyone and check other updates from Bodrum, Marmaris and Kos, and then we all went back to bed. Surreal. Thanks to multiple after shocks I wasn’t really in the mood for sleeping, so I did what every girl would do, I shopped.

Now I can barely contain my excitement about my newest discovery. I say discovery – I have shopped here before but for random stuff like curry sauce – they have a world food section. World Market, it seems, now has the BEST selection of bags and home decor on the planet! It gives IKEA a run for its money too.

This clutch is just $29.99 and it is gorgeous.

World Market Clutch

This straw clutch is just $19.99

World Market straw clutch

Baskets are EVERYWHERE this summer and this one is a great shape.

As is this with tassels.

Or similar with pom poms.

Some slightly larger bags now but still at great prices!

Remember the H&M clutch that sold out in a heartbeat last year?

Then more tassels.

You MUST check out their home decor too. I’m planning on doing a bit of updating when I return home so I’ve ordered these in the sale.

Clear Evie chair – they also come in a similar style in blush, grey and clear.

Rolling cart – perfect for jewelry or cosmetics and half price!

I love this to use as a planter.

These crates would work to – or as a stand for a plant when turned upside down.

As for jewelry there is just too much fabulous stuff to share – like these earrings – just $9.99!!

I think I may have found my new favorite shop – what an Aladdin’s Cave!!! I haven’t even started on the clothes section yet – look at these dresses – just beautiful!



Fall arrivals.

I get so excited when the Boden previews are launched – then EVERY season I regret placing a preview order.  They arrive way after everyone else’s orders that were placed at the beginning of the full season launch, as the orders are always shipped from the UK.  Remind me next time not to bother with the preview orders.  Anyway mine just arrived today.  To add insult to injury one of the large boxes (mainly my son’s Fall trouser collection) was damaged – it may even have been tampered with – and the Canonbury leopard clutch that I had sneaked in the order was missing.  There is now a delay on the clutch and I won’t have it in time for my birthday dinner this weekend – sob!

The disappointment was eased a little by the fact I adore the other two Boden items that arrived,  the Canonbury clutch in pink, and the stripy merino sweater in pink.



The clutch is about the same size as the folded leather clutch from last season – but this season’s has great compartments inside – much better for organization.  It still comes with the detachable strap and the wrist strap so you can use it as a cross body bag or a clutch.  Now if only the leopard print clutch had made it!

IMG_7407 IMG_7408

The stripy merino jumper is a lightweight, box shaped jumper.  Great for transitional weather.  I love the colors and the elbow length sleeves.  The button back is okay – I think I’d prefer it plain like the front though.  This is a US 8 so I’d say it fits very true to size – it is slightly shorter than some may like.

Stripy Merino jumper


Now for some fun with shoes!  I am completely smitten with Zara’s new season collection, full of masculine silhouettes.  I was torn between two pairs of boots so ordered both to compare.  They are what I would call Fall boots – they aren’t really to be worn with socks so they’re the type of boot I can wear here till it gets really cold in late November.

The first is the suede pointed shoe boot.  Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea and I am still undecided.  I really want to love them.  They are proper winkle pickers – with the pointiest of points, but I do feel a bit dressed for Halloween in them…I think they will look fabulous with my tartan cropped trousers or with grey skinny jeans and a slouchy black jumper.  Bear in mind I am trying them with shorts here – not how I would ever style them!

Zara pointed shoe boot


The second pair are the sling back boots.  Much less aggressive looking and a nod to all the cut out boots we’ve seen this year.  They are fabulous quality and have a little western thing going on with the toe.  I think they will be amazing once the soften up.

Sling back boot

Both are in my regular Eur 39 and fit great.

So there you go – boots and jumpers while it’s 85 degrees outside!


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