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It’s getting too warm…

I think the frequency of my outfit posts is decreasing and I think the reason is twofold – 1. I’m working out more and spending more time in workout gear, 2. it’s hot and I’m feeling less like standing in front of a mirror each morning.  Number 1. scares me a bit as I don’t want to get lazy and wear workout gear all the time but as the workout gear gets cuter and the temperatures rise it’s very appealing to wear something without buttons or zippers.

Anyway I did take this photo yesterday as I was preparing for a morning at work.  It’s the gorgeous Boden crinkle shirt in mercury from last season, with my Gap boyfriend jeans.  I love Boden’s crinkle shirts and this season’s are really cute too and almost sold out already!  I like to wear them over a tank with jeans or shorts.  They are so soft, don’t need ironing and have some stretch – so they are about the only item with a collar I wear these days.

No photo for today as I am being influenced by the relaxed office environment plus I’m playing tennis at lunchtime, so yes I have my shorts and tank on ready for some swiping at thin air:)