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The day before…

After spending so much time recently at the YMCA I’ve decided to try playing tennis again.  I say ‘again’ but I’ve never really played.  I had lessons when I was young and had all the gear – the Donnay racquet (Bjorn Borg’s brand of course), the white skirt and the green flash trainers.  I then didn’t play again until probably 2000 when we moved here and we discovered tennis courts everywhere.  We hit a ball around in a futile attempt to stay fit before going to the bar for a pitcher of bud light.  Anyway here I am again trying not to make it a fad – I haven’t splurged on an unnecessarily cool racquet (yet), instead I sensibly bought a cheap one that will suffice until I can actually hit the ball.

While out fulfilling my dreams of becoming an all around athlete by buying the requisite gear, I popped into New Balance just to see what tennis shoes they had.  I am now completely brand loyal when it comes to New Balance and their running shoes, after falling in love with the previously reviewed W890s.  As soon as I walked in the store I was mesmerized by their new minimalist running shoe the Minimus Zero.  The lovely Brandon encouraged me to try a pair and all thoughts of tennis shoes evaporated.  As an ex-brander I have to say I fell in love with the New Balance store experience.  The store itself is open, spacious and well merchandised and within a minute of being in the store someone was there to help.  What blew me away though was it was the first time in years where a sales assistant pulled out the old style stool with the foot rest on it so he could put the shoe on and tie it for me.  Talk about a Cinderella moment!  And of course the glass slipper fit and I walked out with these gorgeous things.

New Balance WR00SP

Now I just have to adapt my running style and see if this minimal running lark is for me – obviously this will be done after the race tomorrow.

As the countdown continues to the Georgia Half Marathon tomorrow morning I’ve been trying to stay calm and take it easy, or at least distract myself from the building nerves and adrenalin.  As much as I have been trying to restrict myself from any form of exercise, and use this week to rest, yesterday morning I found myself climbing the walls so I packed myself off to 90 minutes of hot yoga.  Yet again I left the class wondering why on earth I don’t do it every week – even my instructor said I looked physically different when I left – all the tension had left my face and body.  I tried not to overdo it and just go with the flow and at the end of the class I was detoxed, stretched and strengthened, I felt like I could conquer the world.  13.1 miles tomorrow will do though.

Spring is well and truly here and though I am happy for a little sunshine tomorrow morning I’m a tad nervous that it will either be a) way too hot and I’ll get dehydrated or b) there will be a thunder storm and they will stop the run.  As of now the forecast is for high 50s at the start of the race and only a 20% chance of a storm so fingers crossed the weather will be perfect.  Of course by 9am it could be a lot warmer and though the race starts at 7am I am in the 8th corral so it could take some time to even start the race and get going.  I know the way well downtown to the start at Centennial Park but with roads closing etc. I decided to do the drive down there today and make sure I knew where parking is and so on.  My friend was also supposed to be running but after many miles of training she fell and hurt her knee so sadly has had to pull out this year, however she very kindly passed on her VIP pass to me.  This fabulous package entitles me to parking right next to the start, a continental breakfast, post race massage and a VIP lunch – needless to say I feel a bit of a flake using it after just running a half as there will be many more deserving 26.2 mile runners, but it certainly helps reduce some of the pre-race anxiety.

Fortunately everyone else was happy to drive downtown with me as we promised to take the kids to the St. Patrick’s day parade.  MM was somewhat reluctant as he still can’t get to grips with the U.S. celebrating St. Patrick’s day in such an over the top fashion.  Well at least 3 of us were in our green to avoid a pinch, and I shed a tear as soon as I heard the military band.  I’m not sure what it is – I inherited it – but I always cry when I see/hear a marching band.

Here’s how I wore my green for the day: JCrew green 4″ chino shorts (4″ are available online only), Boden long sleeved Breton which coincidentally I LOVE – it’s so soft and I love the neck line, and navy Havaianas slim.

JCrew shorts, Boden Breton top, Havaianas

I accessorized with this little beauty bought a couple of years ago from Anthropology.


So for this evening it’ll be the second weekend night in a row alcohol free – unheard of in my neck of the woods…but hopefully worth it.  The coconut water and chia seeds will be my beverage of choice tonight – maybe I can make it green and join in the craic?

Coconut water and chia seeds