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One less life.

Just read the title to this post again and I assure it isn’t as morbid as it sounds!  MM and I just returned from the ABC Kids Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky.  I’ve only been once before when it was based in Las Vegas.  When we both go it means that we have to get a sitter for the children and I really don’t like leaving them for 2 nights.  Don’t get me wrong – I like the adult time away but I miss my little ones like crazy.  The reason for the ‘one less life’ is that there is always far too much partying involved and I really feel like a cat with one less life on my return to normality!

I was rubbish at taking my outfit of the day photos – which is madness really as they would have been fun with a great mirror, well thought out packing and no one trying to get me out of the house quickly – but I had other priorities!  I did get some fun shots of the party animal that I am though…On the first evening I wore my AllSaints Dita t-shirt dress, Zara bordeaux skinnies, Zara jersey jacket and my Rag & Bone Newbury boots.  Here’s a photo from the loo in the exhibition center – people really do think I’m weird when they catch me photographing myself!

Now the incriminating photo…dead classy:)

The cure the following day included:

Today I’m just about feeling human again so managed to pick out something other than sweatpants from the closet.  These are Zara cargo pants which I love – really comfy with lots of stretch, a Zara camouflage top, JohnnieB leather jacket from a couple of years ago and my Ash Bowie sneakers in camel.

Now off to sweat out the toxins at the Y.  See you tomorrow!

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