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I’ve been a bad, bad girl.

I’ve been spending again.  Some items just haven’t been worn till now, others are brand spanking new.  Want to see?

Okay first up is a little gem from Fiona’s Avenue57 blog shop.  This is a beautiful silk dress and it comes in navy, mocha, black and plum.  I have all four ooops.  Reason being that buying all 4 was still cheaper than buying one similar style dress from AllSaints.  Justified?  Pah what the hell.  I ADORE this dress!  Fiona will ship to the US too so make sure you take a gander on her store – there are some gorgeous items at brilliant prices!

Avenue 57 dress montage


I’ve worn it here with Rag & Bone Newbury boots, an old H&M scarf and my AllSaints Boston cardigan (old).

Next up – the Diesel Jogg Jeans.  These have to be the softest, most comfortable jeans I have ever worn.  Expensive – yes – but I bought mine with a 30% off coupon which recently expired – but it just goes to show that Diesel do offer discounts so sign up for their newsletters in case another one appears!

Diesel jeans and Newbury boots


The jumper is Zara and did you notice the boots?  Err ehm.  Okay so my wicked friend Martha messaged me to tell me about the La Garçonne sale last month.  These petrol Newburys were heavily discounted so I sealed the deal.  They are a fabulous green/blue – well petrol color!

Petrol Newbury boots


Okay so now the recent purchases.  Mango delivered super quick.  Remember I was quite taken by these coats the other day?

Padded blazer Leopard print wool belnd coat


Well what should arrive last night?  I love them.  Mango US sizing is off – they have tried to account for the larger US woman – but it just ends up being confusing.  So a US Large is a UK/Euro Medium.  I ordered a US Small/UK Medium in the leopard coat – it is oversize but it is meant to be – I think I would lose the drama with the US XSmall.

Mango coat

The puffer is a US Large – so a UK XL!! These fit small – and I ordered the US L as there were no mediums left – I probably could get away with a US M but have decided to keep the large so I can wear it as I have here with my denim jacket under it, or a blazer.

Mango puffer


So what do you think?  I should be pretty much done now for the winter!  A Zara box and an H&M box have just arrived for the kids too so that will be fun when they get off the bus today!


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