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Parenting required…

Well last night was tiring.  Our house is always quite eventful after dark with 2 children and an aging boxer there always seems to be someone up and about. Last night it was poor Hugh’s turn – up with a fever and barking cough.  Why does it always happen when I have scheduled appointments for the following day?  So up at the crack of dawn this morning after cuddling a little boy most of the night who was burning up.  MM has just arrived home to give me some respite – lucky me – but Hugh is now passed out on the sofa after a dose of Tylenol.  Hopefully it will do him some good.

I might try and grab a nap as I’m off out with an old colleague tonight to catch up.  I haven’t seen her in a couple of years so it should be fun.  I worked with her when I was a Brand Director at IHG – boy do I have some stories to tell about that one…I’ll save for another day.

My poorly baby.