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Trusty travel attire

Yes we’re off again – back down to the Gulf! This time just for a weekend for a cheer competition for Poppy – 6 hours there and 6 hours back on Sunday uuuurrgggh! It will be fun however, and I’ve packed my wine as the forecast is for rain all weekend!

Once again I can’t resist the comfort of my Splendid jumpsuit – this time accompanied by the amazing River Island espadrilles. I worried about the color as they are green snakeskin but they actually go with everything khaki! I can’t see them online anymore but I bet they are still in store  in the UK. Sue pointed them out to me on Instagram a month or so ago so I am glad I ordered them then! I have just stood in the pouring rain for these photos – be grateful.

IMG_0953 IMG_0955Espadrilles – River Island // Jumpsuit – Splendid (similar here) // Jacket – Gap (30% off online using APRIL)


Dressing for Spring

Yesterday we had a ‘teacher work day’, meaning that there was no school for the children. Instead we had the most wonderful day shopping and at the movies. The weather was incredible and the 3 of us had so much fun. They even enjoyed IKEA and we were in and out in record time having located storage boxes for my winter jumpers and new beach chairs for spring break. The highlight of the morning though was visiting their favorite H&M store!

Poppy was thrilled to find Sue’s top. It looks perfect with her new Zara shorts that she is wearing!

IMG_2061After H&M we headed to the movies to watch Cinderella – highly recommended – we loved it and I even shed a couple of tears!

IMG_2063For the casual day out and about I wore little makeup – a real treat in the spring sun – plenty of spf though of course!

springBoots – Rag & Bone Newbury boots // Jeans – H&M // Tunic – J.Crew (25% off with SaleLove)

Today it’s back to work with a bump – none of us were rallying to get out of bed this morning. After blogging about it the other day I decided to wear my Mango top for the first time – I love it – I am wearing a US 8.

IMG_0668 IMG_0657Boots – Rag & Bone Newbury (similar here on TheOutnet.com QUICK!) // Jeans – Zara // Top – Mango // Jacket – Mango (50% off on sale) // Bag – H&M // Sunglasses – Oliver Peoples Ria

At least the sun is still shining for us!

Day tripping.

Sue and I both admitted to telling our children the same thing – ‘don’t be rude, and best behavior please’ – i.e. don’t show us up.  And to be honest, when I met Sue and George in Leeds yesterday, all three children were very well behaved, considering we spent about 3 hrs in Giraffe eating, talking and drinking.  We did resort to bribery a couple of times, so the children had a not so healthy lunch of pancakes, chips and ice cream (an extra scoop each while we finished the wine).  I hope George got his Kinder egg that he was promised.

I’m so glad that we made the trip across the Pennines.  You know there are just some people in this world who are genuine, and good, and radiate warmth – Sue is one of these people. Oh and she’s witty and charming too, darn her.  She had made Poppy a gorgeous necklace, and bought sticker books for the children – so thoughtfuI, as I kicked myself for turning up empty handed.

Thanks to Rosie our fabulous waitress, who tolerated our constant requests, and didn’t bat an eyelid at the carnage and destruction that littered our table.  She’s thinking of starting a blog with her friends, what a good idea I told her.

Thanks to The Grumps too for driving Sue’s car home and sorry if you didn’t get any dinner.  I did lead her astray a bit, though in hindsight I’m not sure how much ‘leading’ was done.

Leeds, by the way, I am totally impressed.  Full of fabulous stores and clean streets, which couldn’t be said for Manchester the other day.  I get why Leeds is loved so much by so many.  Shameful really that both my siblings went to University there and yet this was my first visit.

Next time I’m staying the night so we can really let our hair down.

IMG_6874 IMG_6880 IMG_6886


Superwoman Sue.


Great shot taken by one of the children – no awards here yet.


Sorry Rosie.


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