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Cashmere for Christmas

I think my appreciation for the finer things in life has definitely developed over the past 5 years or so. At one point I would have considered cashmere an unnecessary indulgence. These days I can’t live without it at this time of year (well of course I could live without it, but I’d prefer not to have to!!).

My most favorite pieces of cashmere are my Marks & Spencer Rosie for Autograph cashmere lounge pants/pajama bottoms. I call them lounge pants because I never sleep in them – they are purely a winter alternative to sweatpants. I currently have 2 pairs that I have had a couple of years and last night was their first wear of the year. Absolutely blissfully soft they are just gorgeous for slobbing out in, watching the Sunday night football, with a cup of peppermint tea, admiring the Christmas tree!

This year I have treated myself to these additional pieces.

This wrap is beautiful and perfect for throwing over my pjs in the morning – I always have the heating off at night so it can be chilly when we get up!

wrap dressing gown

These are similar to the pairs I already own but have the cuffed hem instead of the straight leg. Just throw a t-shirt on and your done – perfect for after dinner when your waistline needs some sympathy:)

cuffed hem Rosie pajama pants

Finally – these are similar to those that I already have in light grey and black. These days I much prefer grey for around the house – white boxer hair is no friend of black knitwear!

straight leg rosie pajama pants

If you deserve a treat or know someone who does I can’t think of anything more perfect to find under the tree this year!

Finally I’m jumping for joy as the cold has arrived here in Atlanta! Time to get the coats out!

Thank you to Sylvia for featuring me this week in her 40 Plus Style round up!

camelBoots – Sam Edelman on sale here (discounted by $90!!) // Jeans – Zara // Coat – &  Other Stories // Scarf – New Look

militaryBoots – See by Chloé on sale here // Jeans – Zara // Jacket – Mango (similar here) // Jumper – Uniqlo // Bag – Stella McCartney (similar on sale here) // Sunglasses – Tom Ford (on sale here)


Falling for Anne.

I have to admit in the past I have dismissed Anne Hathaway as a bit ‘ditzy’ – associating her with dire movies like The Princess Diaries and The Devil Wears Prada.  Rachel Zoe also used to make vacuous comments about dressing “Annie” on her reality show and the association with Ms. Zoe did Ms. Hathaway no favors in my eyes.  Well Anne will be relieved to hear that I am slowly falling for her.  Having seen her attend premieres, do interviews, and also having seen some clips for the upcoming Les Misérables, I am finding myself enthralled by her charm, sincerity and talent.

This morning I was watching The Today Show while on the elliptical – as you do – it certainly helps 30 minutes fly by.  Anne was being interviewed by Matt Lauer (another love of mine) and it was the first I had heard of her recent wardrobe malfunction where her panty-less you-know-what was captured on camera as she left the limo.  Matt opened the interview with “we’ve seen a lot of you recently” – guffaw, guffaw.  Now yes I agree the question Matt should have asked is ‘Why no panties Anne?’, but Matt didn’t choose that line of questioning.  Instead he asked Anne ‘what’s the lesson learned?’ – well surely to wear panties – no?  Instead Anne shared her sadness over why someone would photograph her in such a vulnerable position.  As she spoke I found myself full of admiration for this beautiful, articulate woman with the best haircut.  Even her sensitivity over her dramatic weight loss for the role resonated with me.  I think she’d make a great best friend – and I’m willing to forgive her for The Princess Diaries.

Last night she appeared with Jimmy Fallon singing some “Mad Libs” for Christmas Carols – her laughter is infectious:)

Avoiding all photos of the ‘malfunction’ here’s the stunning Tom Ford ensemble she wore with some very bizarre orthopedic knee-brace type shoes.  They distracted me from the lack of panties anyway.


I still remember balling my eyes out – in fact sobbing loudly – at the stage version of Les Mis in London – I went to see it twice.  I loved it so much I was hesitant about going to see the movie – but now I think I must – just need to remember the box of tissues.

Will you be watching it?

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