Please don’t stop the music…

A year of blogging!  Who’d have thought it?  So there to everyone who thought it was just another of my fads:)

While taking the photos this morning I had the iPod on and it suddenly dawned on me that it was a year since my first post.  I couldn’t stop smiling, and then I couldn’t stop dancing…

IMG_4218 IMG_4219


IMG_4229 IMG_4228


The skirt is J.Crew, tights are Marks and Spencer, jumper is the Off Duty jumper from Boden and the boots are the fabulous Newburys.

Thanks to all of you for your support, and for embracing my weaknesses, challenging my opinions and reading my waffle – love you all xx


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  1. Would never have looked twice at the Off-duty jumper until I read your blog – Ordered it recently and love it! Wouldn’t have thought of wearing it with a skirt – it looks great!

  2. Happy Blog Birthday! What a difference a year makes. So lovely to meet you this way – virtually and very soon in RL!! Here’s to many more fun years of blogging Avril xx

    • Thank you lovely and happy blog birthday to you soon! It wouldn’t be half as much fun doing this without you! x

  3. It’s a great achievement – well done! Here’s to the next year (and I love that jumper!)

    • Thank you Honor! Thankfully I enjoy it otherwise it would never have lasted this long!

  4. You look great today! love the jazzy tights on you, you should wear that look more often. Congrats on your year of blogging!….great to see the sun again today don’t you think?? Thought Atlanta was going to float away!!

    • I’m LOVING the sun! Everyone is in such a better mood! Shame about those Falcons hey?

    • Good old M&S Pauline:) First place I’ll be stopping off in when I’m back over there!

  5. Congrats on your anni!! As luck would have it, I am wearing the same *fabulous* sweater today as well! You look fantastic! Keep dancing 🙂 and here’s to many more!! Cheers!

    • Go for it – short hair gets you noticed:) I love it and find it really liberating!

    • They are aren’t they! I rarely wear a skirt so it’s nice to put some wooly tights on with it.

  6. Happy Blog Birthday and I want that jumper! Do you know it’s the one item they hardly reduced anything off during their sale. Just my luck! Might still get it though :o)

    • Sue – yes – it’s the Off Duty jumper, and was only reduced by 15%!! I kept waiting to see if it would go down again, but gave in and bought it eventually! It is worth it though if you like the oversize look.

    • It is fab – it might get reduced further later in clearance – I think it’s higher price as they got a bunch of new stock just before the sale started.

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