Ever increasing social circles.

I was a bit fuzzy this morning after a late night last night.  We went out for tacos and margaritas with our neighbors and had a fabulous time, but stayed a little later than I anticipated – mainly because we were having so much fun.  I feel very lucky to live in a neighborhood with such fun friends for both the children and us.  Summer is going to be a blast!

My daughter is definitely benefiting from her ever increasing social circle and numerous play dates.  She seems to be blossoming.  Recently we’ve had a few play dates with her friend across the street, then yesterday she started gymnastics with another friend from kindergarten, and today we have a couple of girls spending the afternoon with us as it was early release from school.  Our fabulous YMCA held an event to help us moms out and the girls ran riot, having a great time on the bouncy castles and practicing their gymnastics.  Then we went for frozen yogurt at my insistence:)  Frozen yogurt is not the only benefit I reap – I’ve been lucky enough to meet some great Moms.  It’s lovely to have the chance for a good gossip so we can put the world to rights.

No workout yet today – I’m hoping I can do it once all my child minding duties are done.  I’m certainly aching from the past two days so it must be having some effect – I can even feel it in my abs which is unusual for me – let’s hope it’s that 6-pack developing.  Maybe my chia seed drink will offset the damage done by the margaritas last night?  I’m mixing a tablespoon of seeds with water, a little honey and lime juice – it’s actually fairly palatable but it hasn’t made me feel like running 50 miles just for the hell of it yet.

No outfit photo today either as I am wearing my Nike pro capris and a sweater – very appropriate for play dates and the YMCA…I better not get into the habit of wearing my workout gear all the time though;)

As I was getting our YMCA membership cards together today I couldn’t help but giggle at my son’s.  This is his first mug shot and his demonstration of smiling for the camera, bless him.


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