And the verdict is in…

Blunderbuss is freakin’ awesome!!!!  Jack White is a genius – I cannot stop listening to this album.  It’s everything a White Stripes fan is looking for.  There’s a great mix of Americana, blues and funk, a great example being my favorite single on the album Trash Tongue Talker – I can’t stop watching the YouTube video – I love Jack!  I’m gutted that there aren’t more dates on his tour I’d do anything to be at Hammersmith Apollo, I’m even back in the UK then but it’s all sold out…

I’m praying the weather improves in the UK by June.  It’s atrocious there right now and I’m going to have the annual dilemma of packing for every climate.  Fortunately the advantage of my Boden tunics is I can wear them with skinny jeans or bare legged so all I need to do now is pick the ones to take from my copious collection!  I sneakily bought another the other day – a clearance bargain I say – calm down!  I bought the coal Everyday Jersey Tunic early in the AW 2011 season and I have to admit it took a while to grow on me but I always get great comments when I wear it.  Here it is with the Boden cashmere wrap and piped shoe boots – seems an eternity now since I had to wear tights!

I looked at the blue one again and again and just couldn’t convince myself I that I liked it enough, if at all, to order, especially as I tend to wear black in the winter and this just seemed too garish.  As spring advanced though I found myself musing over how it would look as a dress with bare legs.  I definitely think the colors are more summery and by pure happenstance as I was browsing one day, as I often do on the Boden site, there it was – a size 6 with my name on it for the bargain price of $30!  I like it a lot as a dress and it will definitely get plenty of wear…now NO MORE tunics till AW 2012!!  However you all are free to keep looking as items keep popping back into the clearance section.

Tuesday has recently become one of my favorite days since I discovered Lululemon release their new items every Monday night.  One of the first things I do sitting at the breakfast bar with my coffee is to click my bookmark for the Lululemon website and browse the fabulous new colors and prints.  My two favorites today are the new pace setter skirt in beachy floral white fossil/black and the swiftly racerback in porcelain – the two will look great together, hmmm I’m convincing myself more so as I write!

I also discovered there is a new Lululemon store opening close to my house – I may just have to nip by there on the way to Poppy’s ballet class today!!  Happy May Day!


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3 thoughts on “And the verdict is in…

  1. Diane

    Just found the black and Grey one on the UK site for £20 Bargain. Thanks for the tip
    it looks great on you. Question do you have any firm favourite items you go back to again and again, you seem to have a different outfit for everyday!!!! Ive still not managed to start running yet, i know it sounds like i’m making excuses but the constant torrential rain here in Blighty isn’t exactly encouraging me to start.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Lol – I intentionally try to wear something different all the time! Even if I have a favorite I try not to wear it too often for fear of getting bored. I love the Terrazzo tunic from last year and I have a linen one from about 3 years ago that I adore but is a tad too big for me…My winter favorite was the colorblock tunic which I think is still in the clearance too.

      I am dreading the weather back there! I knew people who ran the Manchester marathon in gales on Sunday – how to make 26 miles even MORE miserable! Can you use a treadmill anywhere?

  2. Diane

    Lol we have a treadmill gathering dust in the garage I’d almost forgotten about it. I took the kids down to the end of our road on Sunday as the Manchester marathon ran right past ( we are in sale) I can’t believe the conditions those runners ran in it truly was awful. I will def use the treadmill tomorrow ( honest) seeing the runners did inspire me and the atmosphere was fab despite the conditions a lot of people were there showing there support.


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