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A little worse for wear.

That’ll be me not Kenny or Glenn, who for 2 guys in their 70s put on an amazing show last night.  They sang all their classics and even though Glenn needed 3 teleprompters he rallied the crowd with jokes regarding memory loss.  Poor guy – growing old can be cruel sometimes – physically he looks amazing and his tenor voice still sounds crystal clear.  As he sang his last song, with 3 of his children behind him in the band, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house – I was sobbing!  Kenny was pretty awesome too, though I did feel a bit short changed by ‘The Gambler’ which personally I think should have been his encore instead of ‘Islands in the Stream’ – I never realized so many of his hits were ballads – MM was not impressed…AC/DC is much more up his alley!  The AJC have written a great review here.  I danced my pants off and enjoyed a bottle of cava along with our picnic so yes a little worse for wear today – I shall be spending it holding the sofa down watching the Tour de France.  Incidentally the Tour is going from Limoux to Foix today where, in my experience, you can get the best omelet and frites followed by the most expensive MacDonalds in the World!

You can just make out Glenn here in the white shirt:

The best omelet and frites back in Limoux in 2010!

Hugh liked his nuggets too:)

For the show I went a little bit country and wore my Boden Boho tunic which I love – so comfy and yet quite dressy – perfect for a summer evening out.  It’s currently in the sale at $82.80 – still pricey but worth it in my eyes for a great summer dress.  I should also mention the amazing customer service I had from Boden this week.  They further reduced the price of several items – some of which I had bought at the start of the sale – after one quick email to them they credited my Boden account with the price difference of the items and checked my other orders for me to see if any other items had been reduced – so I now have $95 ‘extra’ sitting waiting to be spent when the new AW collection goes live!  Boden truly are fabulous.

I wore it with my new Sam Edelman Louie boots in rose taupe – they are just gorgeous – such an unusual color, especially for a boot and the leather is exquisitely soft.

Earlier in the day we headed out to the park with the children and Tennyson.  The weather is a bit overcast here with lots of storms rumbling through so it wasn’t really pool weather.  I wore my Express Zelda white crops which I love and have great stretch, my white Converse – I always forget how fun and comfortable these are to wear, and a steal from the Zara sale – a $10 oversize t-shirt in a lovely flamingo pink – really soft and drapey.  Since I got the Boden Bloom oil cloth beach bag in the sale for the pool I’m now using my Union Jack Beachcomber bag for day use – it’s so fun but unfortunately sold out.

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Mexican date night.


Back in England our favorite way to spend a date night was to head out for a good curry and a couple of lagers.  Due to the lack of good curry houses here our need for heat and spice is more often satiated by Mexican food – the more jalapenos the better!  Plus I prefer a couple of margaritas these days to cold, fizzy lager.  Last night, to celebrate another half marathon and take advantage of Grandpa still being here to babysit, we went out to Nuevo Laredo.  It was lovely, so relaxing and such a giggle.  I’m pretty sure I could have eaten all that was on my plate but that would have been greedy no?

It was freezing here, so unexpectedly I had to scurry to find a sweater and jacket to wear.  I hurriedly threw this little ensemble together – my Boden stripey jumper from AW 2011, Boden leather jacket from SS 2011, Hudson jeans and Tory Burch navy Eddies.  I think this is my favorite jacket – I always feel casual yet polished in it.

Before I went out and stuffed myself another Boden parcel arrived.  I had hastily ordered the Boho tunic in Haze champagne spot when a US 6 came back into stock and somehow I found myself putting the Glam jersey tunic in purple in my basket too.  The Boho tunic unfortunately was extremely tight across my 36Cs so I have had to return for a US 8 – but the good news is it is gorgeous.  It’s a lovely lightweight, silky tunic that will be great dressed up or down in the height of summer.  I love the haze color too – a great soft purple.  Just be warned that due to the lack of stretch you may have to size up from your normal size in jersey tunics – it’s not as loose fitting as you might think.

The Glam tunic sparked some debate on Boden’s Facebook page last night.  Others have ordered it and reported it looked a tad cheap – I can see their point – and sometimes too much embellishment is not a good thing.  Also the print is pretty busy.  But, when I first opened up my purple one I instantly loved the colors.  There is a coral color playing in with the navy and purple spots making it a really unusual but summery color combination.  My only niggle is I think it needs to be an inch longer.  I am keeping mine as I have learned the hard way that sending something back ultimately ends in me pining for it.  Looking at the photo I think nude shoes will be better – the navy ones make my legs look a bit stumpy – never a desirable look.  What do you think about the tunic?

Mike leaves today to head back to England – it’s been a great visit and fun to have him around, and in other exciting news the 24th April may also be the birth date of my new nephew!!  My sister is huffing and puffing on a labor table in the North West of England as I write.  MM and I are hoping that he is called Daniel to provide ample opportunity for fun at family affairs with his two year old brother Jack:)  Interesting fact of the day Jack was also born on the 24th of the month, as was his Dad, and his Dad also!  Uncanny hey – though not all the same months admittedly.

Today I have on my Boden tunic from SS 2011 (I think it was the funky tunic similar to this season’s), Boden leggings and Tory Burch Revas in hibiscus pink.  Hopefully I’ll have some cute baby photos to share tomorrow!

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