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Arm Candy

I’ve mentioned my jewelry wearing habits several times before – I’m not a fan of necklaces but I love to adorn my wrists with jewels, beads and precious metals.  My Husband also wears bracelets – he has one for the summer months and one for the winter months…both of which I bought him.  I wish I didn’t feel the pressure to be more novel with gifts otherwise I’d just buy him a different color each birthday.  I should also mention that he has his ear pierced – so that gives me some options too.  When we first met in 1991, he not only had longer hair than me, but also wore jewelry.

Here’s the summer one that he’ll start wearing next week on Spring Break (he’s very precise when it comes to changing over :))…it’s a gorgeous turquoise.


And here’s the black that he is currently wearing – it has a bead of pavé black diamonds on it – just stunning yet still masculine.


Well I have been eyeing these bracelets for myself.  I particularly love turquoise for the summer, and I love the idea of stacking different colors.  Only 3 or 4 David Yurman bracelets is something I’d rather my Husband paid for than my clothing budget!  So I started to search for some good replicas.

Etsy.com saved the day…and the budget!  I’ve used Etsy quite a bit recently for nose rings to cushion covers.  I love the idea of supporting small businesses and getting something unique and handmade.

After a few searches I came across Magnolia Blossom Jewelry.  Kimberly offers a great selection of jewelry – with bracelets just like I was looking for at a fabulous price too.  I ordered 4 and received them yesterday – super fast shipping, gorgeous packaging and a great product.  I love my new bracelets!

Turquoise with rose gold pavé bead:

turquoise pave

Turquoise with mother of pearl pavé bead:

mother of pearl pave

Coral and crystal pavé bead:

coral pave

Pink jade with pavé bead:

pink jade

Not one to go half measures I decided to stack them all today!

Bracelet collage.jpg

And here they are looking great against my all black ensemble today.

outfit collage.jpg

Shoes – Marks and Spencer // Pants – J.Crew chino capris // Top – AllSaints Tiko t-shirt (25% off with code SURPRISE)

After contacting Kimberly I negotiated a discount which she has kindly offered to pass on to you all.  Please use code SAVE10 for a 10% discount at checkout – I am sure you will love what she has to offer!

P.s. I have just listed some wool J.Crew capris in my shop that I have reluctantly realized do not work for this climate!

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Do you buy clothes for your Husband?

Replace ‘Husband’ with the appropriate word for your situation – still I want to know do you shop and buy clothes for yours?

Within three months it is my birthday, our wedding anniversary and Mr PS’s birthday.  Of course my birthday is always something I look forward to, but I am beginning to dread the other two events.  Don’t get me wrong I love a good celebration – but my Husband has become such a great gift/card giver over the years that I am under immense pressure to step up my game.

You see Mr. PS is quite difficult to buy for.  He has very few clothes in comparison to me – well that’s the case for most men isn’t it?  So I always think it would be a great idea to track down some fabulous items for him to diversify his wardrobe a little – there are so many gorgeous men’s items to choose from.  But it’s not quite as simple as that.

Mr. PS has VERY SPECIFIC styling requirements.  He is in my eyes one of the new metrosexuals.  He doesn’t even glance at high street brands.  He wears Hermés aftershave, Diesel boxers,  Nudie jeans, and Gucci loafers, though he did buy a couple of JCrew t-shirts this year much to my relief.  For the recent wedding he attended he surprised me by wearing a Zara suit, though he spent more on the Hermés tie he bought to wear with it.  He knows more about brands, especially classic and upscale brands than I do, and his mantra is always ‘quality over quantity’.  Even when he was a student he loved unique, original shirts that he bought from Cheltenham, from the guy who went on to create Superdry.  He used to only wear red high top converse – red of course because the Byzantine Emperors wore red shoes – like you do.  He loves a good investment piece – which is obviously beneficial for me come birthday and Christmas, but it makes it a nightmare for me when I start thinking about gifts for him.

I still cringe over the plaid TopMan shirt I once bought him, or the brown birkenstocks that I packed lovingly for Christmas for him one year.  After those two disasters I basically gave up buying clothes for him.  But if you don’t get clothes what else do you buy a man whose passions are reading, watching football and travel?  Okay so yes I could buy him a flight to Hong Kong, but I’m talking about stuff that still leaves me enough for the rest of my A/W wish list:)  He does wear jewelry – and I will buy him a bigger diamond stud one year (my one and only success was a Tiffany stud I bought for him) – but I keep telling him that he is no NFL player so it can’t be too big.  He loves his David Yurman beaded bracelets that I have bought for him – but I can’t just keep buying them in every color, can I?

So this year I asked him for some direction to help me with brands.  Have you ever had a list like this from your man?  I swear I have not made this up – I can forward the email he sent for proof.

Knitwear – YSL/Marni

Blazers (cotton) – Lanvin/Boglioli/Rag&Bone

Blazers (wool) – Gucci/Lanvin

Boots – Gucci

Loafers – Gucci

Brogues etc. – John Lobb

Slippers – John Lobb/Bally

Shirts – Budd & Co/Turnbull&Asser/Charvet/Sid Mashburn

Pants – Kolor/Marni/Lanvin

Sweatshirt/t-shirts – Nudie/James Perse

Ties (really?) – Drakes/Hermes/Charvet

Socks – Paul Smith (stripes)/Corgi

Polos – Sid Mashburn/Billy Reid/Sunspel/James Perse

Sneakers – Lanvin/YSl

Urban walking boots – Diemme (Roccio Vet)

Scarves – Etro/Lanvin/Hermes

Belt – Prada

Collar stays/collar bones – TM Lewin (mother-of-pearl)

Card case – Commes des Garcons (Flurio)

Tote – Marni

Mac/coat – Macintosh/Barbour/Aspesi

And obviously anything by Balmain.



So at least I have some help now!  But ‘collar stays/collar bones’ – WTF – he never wears shirts!  And ‘tote’?  Don’t even ask – I know what you are thinking.  Would your man ever give you a list like this?  I just need to sell a kidney now and open an account with MrPorter.com.

As for what I’m wearing – it’s been a wet, dreary weekend in Atlanta so it called for casual, comfortable clothes – with sleeves too!  In August?  Crazy!



Shoes – Adidas Gazelles // Jeans – Primark (old) // T-shirt – Gap (old) // Shirt – J.Crew (old) // Scarf – H&M (old)


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