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My Push Present.

There’s been a lot of posts about bags recently especially given the launch of the new Mulberry Del Ray.  I realized that as I normally take my photos in the bedroom before leaving the house I never have my bag with me in my photos.  I don’t change bags often as I tend to have a couple of favorite, investment bags that I change by seasons.  MM is also a very good purchaser of bags so I tend to leave new handbags to him so I don’t ruin his options for birthdays and Christmas:)

Here’s my current bag in rotation – it’s a gorgeous hippy Coach bag that was bought for me by MM after my son was born in 2008.  It has a great fringe and a lovely braided strap and the color is perfect for spring/summer when I tend to wear less black.  It has worn so well and only gets better with age.  It’s also incredibly roomy so I can fit all my mommy gear in it too including a couple of sunglasses cases:)  These days I tend to steer clear of Coach as I see so many of them in the mall – it’s the perfect example of masstige, but this one isn’t obviously Coach and I love it more so for that.

Here’s my favorite collection of YSL bags and purses.  MM bought me the Roady for my 40th and then the clutch for our wedding anniversary last year.  The wallet and coin purse were a lovely surprise from him at New Year.  We had agreed not to purchase Christmas gifts for each other so he cheated and gave me these at New Year:)  I adore YSL and love how rarely you see the brand over here, at least in Atlanta.  I know the clutch and wallet are emblazoned with the logo, but I love the fact the Roady gives nothing away except for a tiny monogram on the handle.


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