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My New York City trip!

I am tired.  Very, very tired, but happy.  Very, very happy.

My great friend, Cali, and I arrived in NYC at around midday on Saturday.  The weather was perfect – blue skies and a cool breeze.  We stayed in the Holiday Inn on Lafayette Street – which I have to say was the PERFECT location in the middle of SoHo.

travel attire

My travel attire: Sneakers – Stan Smiths // Jeans – J.Crew // T-shirt – Ted Baker (old but similar here) // Cardigan – J.Crew

on the plane

We headed straight out for lunch and found a fabulous place called Delicatessen for mussels and fries.  They also had a ‘Macbar’ so we couldn’t resist the opportunity to taste the mac ‘n’ cheese with confit of duck – as rich and amazing as it sounds!

lots of foodAfter a bottle of prosecco it was time to flex the credit card and we walked around the corner to AllSaints – how convenient that their sale had just started in store!  It hasn’t started online yet so keep your eyes peeled here.  I got a couple of great bargains along with the Rae dress that I just couldn’t resist.

Rae dress

That night we headed out for cocktails at The Pegu Club – of course the new dress was worn.  A fabulous conclusion to a great first day!

The pegu club

Sunday morning began bright and early with maybe the BEST breakfast I have ever had at Jack’s Wife Freda.  I had rose water waffle with fruit, and a lovely pot of tea – unfortunately we were even too early for mimosas to be served on a Sunday!

selfie me

My #selfie – sorry no full length outfit shot, but I was wearing the ASOS maxi dress and my favorite Nars Yu lip pencil.  The dress is perfect and even one of the assistants in Barney’s stopped me to tell me she had just ordered it.


It was then time to head Uptown where we enjoyed pounding the streets and window shopping – but of course we also had to get some gifts from the American Girl Store and then head to Barney’s for a cocktail.  It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

Cali and I selfie

Early that evening we rushed out to an Irish bar near Times Square to meet Avril and see the Belfast Community Gospel Choir perform.  We walked in to the most rousing, amazing sounds. Both Cali and I ended up in tears for the next hour – their singing was so amazing.  I have never felt so emotionally moved by a choir –  being with fabulous friends, in NYC created an incredible experience that I will never forget.  Of course I tried to claim a spot in the choir too:)


crashing the choirCali and I departed and made our way back downtown…arriving back at our hotel at a little past 4am.  Yep we made the most of it – Russian vodka bars and Speakeasy bars included.

We managed to rally on Monday to meet up with Avril and Gemma Louise at Balthazars for Avril’s birthday lunch.  Cider with ice cubes helped the head:)



So today has been tough to say the least, but amazing memories made with amazing friends have made it easier.  I feel very fortunate that I have such a supportive family that let me run off for a weekend of fun with brilliant friends who I love dearly – thanks for making it great Cali, Avril and Gemma Louise!


IMG_8473Shoes – Ancient Greek // Bag – Alexander Wang Rocco (old similar here) // Jeans – J.Crew // Top – AllSaints Tiko tee // Jacket – my new AllSaints Walker jacket bought in the sale not online right now


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Great Boo’s Up.

Last Friday began with a train journey to London town.  I love the journey through the English countryside.  It always makes me think of the hymn Jerusalem that we sang at school – I used to love belting it out in morning assembly.

I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Mayfair.  What a fabulous location!  Right across the street from Green Park tube and The Ritz.  One criticism though – stop charging for in room wi-fi – £28 for 2 days – a bloody rip off if you ask me!  My heart was beating out of my chest with excitement as I came out of the tube.  Arriving in London always feels like coming home, yet still so foreign, especially staying in Mayfair.  Let’s be honest I never had the money or the inclination to head there in 90’s!

I headed straight out to meet Sue and the girls from AllWornOutBlog.com.  A little wander up the road through Berkeley Square, past Rolls Royce dealerships and haute couture boutiques, and I was at Selfridges.  After chasing Sue around the menswear and shoe salon we eventually met up – talk about amateur tourists!  We then met the lovely Eve, Gina, Belinda and Ann in Aubaine – a fabulous little eatery where we talked, giggled and drank copious amounts of wine.  Security turfed us out at 9pm – how much fun was that skipping through an empty Selfridges!?


Double Trouble



We went to the pub too. 

Saturday started early, with the inevitable hangover – but there’s another story behind my recovery for a later date…

I wandered North to meet the girls at the Mayfair Pizza Co – another great spot where the staff were amazing!!  They tolerated us from 12 to 12 and kindly put us in our own little room.  After 8 magnums of prosecco between us I think the other diners were quite relieved.

We talked and talked and then the beautiful Marlene (www.chocolatecookiesandcandies.com) somehow had the patience to photograph us all while we nitpicked at our images – too fat, too orange, crooked smile, wonky eyes – you can read how she put us right here.

















12893843335_82acdbf191_n (1)




Here’s one of my outtakes that Sue took – I had a fit of the giggles!


And here is my fabulous souvenir from Marlene.

Joanna London

An amazing weekend with amazing friends, brought together by our love of clothes and writing.  I have found an eclectic, smart, driven, funny, loyal, kind group of women who I hold dear and cherish every day.  I wish I got to see them all more often.

There were no comedy breasts you’ll be pleased to hear.

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