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Just buy a book.

Hmmm since I got my iPad I seem to be going through a phase of reading, dare I say it, ‘self help’ books – maybe it’s because I can read them safely without people seeing the cover – in fact I just realized I can avoid the shame of being caught reading ’50 Shades’ that way – no I haven’t read it yet.  Anyway when I talk about self-help I don’t mean ‘helping me become a better person type books’ – more ‘how to attain a goal books’ or ‘books that inspire’.  For example the first book I read on my iPad was ‘Born to Run’ by Christopher McDougall.  It really was a great read for an amateur runner – really fun and inspiring – or so I found anyway.  Okay now a confessional warning – I am a fan of the US version of The Biggest Loser – I don’t watch every season but those I have I have found incredibly inspiring – and I love Bob Harper.  Bob is one of the trainers on the series and is great t.v. – his Facebook page is fun to follow too.  Anyway he has a book that has been on the best sellers list for a while – ‘The Skinny Rules’.  Sadly I got suckered in and bought it.  Now I think we all know what the rules are to keeping slim (I really wish he hadn’t used the word skinny – no one should want to be skinny) – and this book really states the obvious – but still it’s written quite light heartedly and I am enjoying dipping in and out of it to keep me focused on my goal of losing a couple of pounds ready for my marathon training.

Did someone say ‘marathon’?  Ah yes that little race I signed up for in January – suddenly January seems very close indeed.  So now I am on the search for a book to help me train for my marathon.  MM keeps saying just run more but my mind set tells me I won’t have to do that if I just read a book about it…I’m such a sucker!  The one I have my eye on is called ‘4 Months to 4 Hours’ – brilliant – just read it and do a bit of training and I can run Miami in 4hrs – perfect!  If only that was all there was to it…Now I just need to find the book entitled ‘Stop Shopping and Learn to Save Millions’.

This is my outfit from yesterday – I went to see the fabulous O’Neil again for a haircut wearing my bright pink J.Crew chino shorts, AllSaints Pipali tank and Sam Edelman suede Louie boots in tan suede (yes I have the taupe rose too) which are my favorite boots for a while – really comfy and I love the fringe.  I promise the photos will improve soon – the bathroom floor went down yesterday!


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iPads to complement books.

We caved and bought the children an iPad each, well actually Hugh inherited mine and Poppy and I got a new one.  Before you damn me and tell me how I am spoiling my children rotten let me give you our reasoning.  Yes they are only 4 and 6 but they have been using my iPad and an iPod Touch for some time playing games like Bejewelled, Cut the Rope and Angry Birds.  It amazes me how they pick up the objectives and tactics of these games so easily – I think they are brilliant for the development of reasoning and logic skills.  We are also soon to embark on a long trip back to the UK so instead of carrying 2 heavy DVD players and a selection of discs (the Manchester flight NEVER has consoles/screens in each head rest) I can carry 2 light devices on which they can play games, read, learn and draw – perfect!  After setting them up the other evening I am thrilled and a bit overwhelmed by the number of apps out there for preschoolers and 1st graders.  I’ve downloaded nearly every free ‘sight’ word and reading app there is and also a couple of books for Poppy.  I’m hoping to encourage her to enjoy her reading throughout the summer.  So far it has proved a challenge as swimming at the pool oddly seems to be a bigger draw.  I’m terrified she will forget everything over the summer so armed with the iPad and a new batch of library books every couple of weeks I’m hoping that she learns to see the fun in reading and not see it as ‘work’.  I’ve also encountered a site called iGameMom.com which is a great resource for apps and tools for children, plus it also eases my guilt in knowing that other Moms out there are embracing technology for their children.

So after reading this morning we are off to the pool to celebrate Memorial Day.  I hope all my US readers have a fabulous day in the sun – and I for one will be taking a moment to remember those who have lost their lives.

As promised here’s the Boden pool party tunic in yellow loopy – it’s a little more see through than the pavillion prints but still perfect for the pool.  I have the ruffle trim bikini on underneath in bluebell bud.

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