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The VMAs with more crass than class.

Did you watch the VMAs last night?  Lordy I am getting old.

First Lady Gaga – SO over her – in fact so over her I have nothing to say.

Okay so now Miley.  Twitter lit up with her performance.  All I can say is it was pathetic, disturbing and humiliating.  Who the hell told her in rehearsal that ‘sure Miley – it’s great – just grab your crotch and stick your tongue out one more time‘?  Someone needs to give her a good slap, and all those around her for encouraging that kind of tripe.  When Robin Thicke joined her for Blurred Lines I was SO disappointed – he gave all the critics of the song all the ammunition they needed.  Why grind your groin against Hannah Montana’s rear Robin?  I was crying into my Earl Grey with disappointment.

Then Kanye.  WTF?  Great t.v. NOT.  You couldn’t see him, nor could you hear the song for all the censorship bleeping over it.

Thank the Lord for Justin.  A stellar performance from an artist that takes his craft seriously.  Great singing, great dancing – what I call proper entertainment.

I don’t think there was one presenter I understood – lots of weird grunts and hand gestures – oh and inappropriate Amber Alert references, not something I think should be made light of.  And then there was Katy’s grill, and Taylor and Selena trying to look hot and make Harry jealous.  Just uuurgh – it’s giving me the creeps recounting it.

By then it was gone 10pm and I headed to bed.  I recorded the show thinking Poppy would love to watch it – but I fear most of it will be fast forwarded to avoid corrupting her innocence.  In hindsight I don’t think it has to do with my age – it’s more to do with the ‘entertainment’ industry’s poor judgement and inability to ‘entertain’.  Whatever happened to good old singing and dancing – Justin needs to teach them all a lesson or two.  What do you think?

As I step down from my soap box here’s what I’ve been wearing over the past couple of days…

ASOS t-shirt dress

Dress – Asos t-shirt dress // Sandals – Steve Madden (really old!) // Necklace – Target (old)



Jeans – Gap ankle skimmers (sale buys) // T-shirt – H&M (old) // Scarf – Boden (last season now just $14!) // Sandals – Zara (old) // Necklace – H&M (recent but not online)


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I cried this morning.  Listening to ‘Imagine’ on the radio just made it worse.  As I took Tennyson out for a walk it dawned on me that it was 9/11 again.  I immediately had a flash back – I remember it all so well.  I was driving to work here in Atlanta, running late, it had just gone 9am and the radio announcer said they were getting reports that a plane had flown into the World Trade Center.  I was shocked but somewhat dismissed it as a dreadful, unfortunate accident.  As the morning unfolded it turned out to be far more sinister than that.  I remember feeling guilty because I was so irritated when all air traffic was grounded as my sister was supposed to be flying out here on the 13th and I so wanted to see her.  There were many people who would now never see their siblings again.  Even for those of us who were no where near NYC that day it still feels very raw, we will carry memories of that day forever.  So peace and love to all, and we will never forget.

Shifting gears now to something far more trite and inconsequential – clothes and hair.

Inspired by Miley’s new look (totally wrong for a 41 year old to be inspired by Miley Cyrus) and Pink’s hair at the VMA awards (again totally wrong of me) I decided to try and go for bigger hair up top today using a bit of pomade – I quite like it for a change:)

I’m wearing my Zara floral jacket and in attempt to transition it to Fall I wore a darker blue Boden long sleeved essential tee from last Fall.  I love these t-shirts – they are so soft and stretchy and great quality.  I’m in my Gap boyfriend jeans and my Tory Burch Revas in hibiscus pink – the necklace is an old J.Crew Factory store one that I bought years ago.  I’m making an attempt to be more thoughtful about accessorizing – accessories are the first thing to be forgotten about if I’m in a hurry in the morning.

My final order from Zara arrived yesterday – final for now anyway – remember I am going cold turkey.  It’s a stunning blue jacket that I just love – it will look great with jeans and tan ankle boots.  I love the gathered shoulders too – I know I will wear this a lot.  Question is do I get the most out of it and start wearing it now or wait to wear it in October when MM and I are off to a trade show in Louisville (oh the glamour!)?  I’m thinking if one really likes something then surely it makes sense to wear it and enjoy it – but nervous about that approach as I know I will want something new to wear come trade show time!


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