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My new favorite jeans.

I love jeans.  Any kind of jeans, you name it – skinny, cropped, boyfriend, flare, boot cut – I have them all in my closet.  My first pair of ‘high-end’ jeans were bought after my first few pay checks back in 1997.  They were Diesel and I got them on a fabulous, indulgent shopping trip in Harrods.  For a while I was loyal to Diesel – I loved their unique cuts and soft denim.  Then they started creeping up in price and when I started looking for skinny jeans I fell in love with the Hudson Collin jeans.  Since then I’ve been a Hudson loyalist and I own their bell bottoms, boot cuts and skinnys.  What I like about Hudson is the rear button flap pocket and the fact that they offer both low rise and mid rise jeans.

The other week, while on the hunt for a new pair of boyfriend jeans, I found myself back in the Diesel store in Atlanta.  I wanted to try the Diesel Fayza jean.  They are totally different from any other jean I have seen on the market – tapered, with a low crotch and a twisted seam – almost harems – but with a little more attitude.  I made the mistake of trying on, and ultimately falling in love with the Jogg version of the Fayza.  Diesel’s new Jogg jeans are incredible – in my eyes the ultimate in comfort and style.  Jeans combined with sweats – genius.  The jeans have a jersey lining – making them incredibly comfortable and easy to wear – but unfortunately also crazy expensive.  The Fayza’s that I fell in love with were $330 – I just couldn’t do it – but I’ve dreamt about them every night since.

Jogg jeans Fayza

In an effort to convince myself that they are worth the price I tracked down a pair of Fayza’s on eBay – not the Jogg jeans mind you – just the regular denim.  Nonetheless the cut is part of the reason I am obsessed with them, so I thought they were worth a punt.  I love how unique they are – I haven’t seen anyone else wearing anything similar.  I snapped them up on eBay for a steal – a brand new pair too.  After wearing them once and acquiring complements from my lovely Husband, I’ve now added a pair of Jogg Fayza’s to my ‘must have’ list for AW 2013.  I adore these jeans.  You may think I’m crazy, I don’t care.

Unfortunately this rubbish photo hasn’t displayed them in all their low crotch glory – they’re a very dark wash and I should have used my Nikon – sorry!

Diesel Fayza jeans

Jacket – Zara (old) // Shoes – Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers (similar here) // Jeans – Diesel Fayza (bought on eBay) // T-shirt – Gap (old)

As for the rest of the week so far here’s what I have been wearing.

For a trip to Hip Hop class with Poppy yesterday – I keep hoping he’ll ask me to join the class…

Zara Jersey dress
Dress – Zara sporty dress (sold out online already) // Boots – Isabel Marant Dicker boots

And today…

Zara skortSkort – Zara // T-shirt – Zara (old) // Scarf – H&M (old) // Bag – YSL Roady // Boots – Isabel Marant Dicker boots

Can you tell I’m ready for Fall? – My ankle boots are making a more frequent appearance again:)

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Changing diets.

By diet I don’t mean diet as in losing weight, I mean changing the nutritional content and fabric of my daily food intake.  I have to say I’m always very skeptical about diets that remove items or restrict foods – like the Atkins diet etc. – but I’ve recently been reading a lot about food intolerance.  As a scientist I have to say some of the data and reasoning is quite compelling.  So I thought I’d give it a try.  After speaking to my doctor about it she recommended trying the Virgin diet where you remove gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts, soy, corn and sugar from your diet, then add each one back into the mix to see which, if any you react too.  Our food can impact all sorts of things – obviously our physical health, but also our mood and energy levels.  Even though it sounds a bit fadish I thought I’d give it a go – nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I’m quite lazy, though not terribly unhealthy, when it comes to food – a quick bowl of pasta for example.  I lack inspiration.  One of the unexpected positive effects of trying this diet is that I have to plan my meals in advance, meaning I am much more prepared at meal time, ultimately resulting in far more enjoyment from cooking and eating.

I’ve only been following the plan for 3 days and yesterday I was EXHAUSTED.  I could barely keep my eyes open and I started to question the alleged benefits.  Today, however, I feel AMAZING.  I have so much energy and feel so alert – and that was at 7am this morning.  I’m starting to believe there may be something to this food intolerance stuff.

For you nay sayers who claim it is boring – ok it’s only been 3 days – but I am really enjoying eating fabulous fresh fruits and veg and great lean meat, and I’m tasting all the flavor.  I’m using Gwyneth Paltrow’s “It’s All Good (recommended by a friend – thanks S!) for inspiration.  I can’t say enough great things about this book – I always think of Gwyneth as being a bit up herself and self-righteous – but in the book she comes across as a lovely, down to earth mom – dare I say just like us?  All thanks to great editing and PR I’m sure – but still I am really enjoying this book.

I’d love to hear if any of you have tried eliminating certain foods from your diet.  How did you feel?  Did you stick with it?  Do you think it’s a fad?

Another benefit is that I already feel less bloated – my clothes are a little looser already.  Apparently it can also make your skin look years younger…we’ll see.

Palazzo and camo

Trousers – Zara palazzo trousers (old) // Top – Zara long sleeved tee (old) // Shoes – Tory Burch Emmy sandals (old)

Bowie tee


T-shirt – Asos (similar here) // Shorts – DvF TheOutnet.com (old) // Shoes – Marks & Spencer (old)

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The VMAs with more crass than class.

Did you watch the VMAs last night?  Lordy I am getting old.

First Lady Gaga – SO over her – in fact so over her I have nothing to say.

Okay so now Miley.  Twitter lit up with her performance.  All I can say is it was pathetic, disturbing and humiliating.  Who the hell told her in rehearsal that ‘sure Miley – it’s great – just grab your crotch and stick your tongue out one more time‘?  Someone needs to give her a good slap, and all those around her for encouraging that kind of tripe.  When Robin Thicke joined her for Blurred Lines I was SO disappointed – he gave all the critics of the song all the ammunition they needed.  Why grind your groin against Hannah Montana’s rear Robin?  I was crying into my Earl Grey with disappointment.

Then Kanye.  WTF?  Great t.v. NOT.  You couldn’t see him, nor could you hear the song for all the censorship bleeping over it.

Thank the Lord for Justin.  A stellar performance from an artist that takes his craft seriously.  Great singing, great dancing – what I call proper entertainment.

I don’t think there was one presenter I understood – lots of weird grunts and hand gestures – oh and inappropriate Amber Alert references, not something I think should be made light of.  And then there was Katy’s grill, and Taylor and Selena trying to look hot and make Harry jealous.  Just uuurgh – it’s giving me the creeps recounting it.

By then it was gone 10pm and I headed to bed.  I recorded the show thinking Poppy would love to watch it – but I fear most of it will be fast forwarded to avoid corrupting her innocence.  In hindsight I don’t think it has to do with my age – it’s more to do with the ‘entertainment’ industry’s poor judgement and inability to ‘entertain’.  Whatever happened to good old singing and dancing – Justin needs to teach them all a lesson or two.  What do you think?

As I step down from my soap box here’s what I’ve been wearing over the past couple of days…

ASOS t-shirt dress

Dress – Asos t-shirt dress // Sandals – Steve Madden (really old!) // Necklace – Target (old)



Jeans – Gap ankle skimmers (sale buys) // T-shirt – H&M (old) // Scarf – Boden (last season now just $14!) // Sandals – Zara (old) // Necklace – H&M (recent but not online)


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Black and grey.

It’s been a hectic week involving a fun night out with some moms from school – I love how diverse and fun our school is, we’re really lucky.  Not quite sure how Friday has arrived so quickly this week.

I was up early this morning for carpooling duty so quite literally needed something to throw on.  This Zara sweatshirt dress (old) was ideal, worn with my Golden Goose.  I have a thing about cold shoulders in dresses and tops – I love them.



So regarding my wish list the other day – I may have slightly misled you.  I actually ordered a couple of the Zara items – one because I’d seen it go in and out of stock so I was worried it may disappear if I delayed, and the other – well – just because I love it.

The first is the pink cardigan, ordered just because I wanted it, and I do love it.  This is a medium so it is generous for Zara.  I can’t wait to wear it with a simple white t-shirt, with boyfriend jeans or buttoned up with skinny jeans.



Next up is the knitted duffle.  This keeps disappearing from stock so as soon as I saw the medium reappear I ordered it – justifying the early purchase by using the gift card that my father-in-law gave me for my birthday.  He knows me so well.  Thanks Mike – it’s a great birthday present – I love my knitted jacket:)  Just be warned if you are buying for warmth this isn’t lined throughout.  The sheepskin is just trim around the edges and in the hood – but perfectly snuggly for Atlanta fall weather.



Finally my ASOS dresses arrived.  Now these are perfect and they were a great price – but the fabric of the black and grey is slightly different – I need to check the labels to see how composition differs.  These are both a US 6 and the black is definitely shorter than the grey.  I love the cut – great flirty t-shirt dresses, perfect with sneakers.  They will be a staple to come through the mild Fall weather we have here.  I think they’ll be great dressed up a bit with a scarf too, and the black could definitely be dressed up with heels and a great necklace for a night out.  (Tip – always google for discount codes before buying on ASOS – there is normally one floating around!).





Have you checked anything off your ‘wish list’ yet?


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