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A week of restraint.

Bleeeuuurgggh – still have the lurgy though I’m definitely on the mend.  I find that being so devoid of energy is actually worse than the cold symptoms themselves.  I am so sleepy all the time but at least my aches and pains are leaving.  After a week of inactivity I feel like I’ve gained 10lbs – I daren’t even get on the scales…talk about feeding a cold, my colds certainly never go hungry.  So I begin this week with the desire to eat less and work out more again.  In fact I’ve even been investigating the Tracy Anderson Method in order to get poolside ready.  If any of you have tried it I’d love to know what you think before I spend the $90 on it!  If I could just shift the extra curves from my stomach to my butt I’d be happy:)  I love the idea of dancing to get fit – I was so fit in my raving heydays in the 90’s, though I was in my 20’s too!

This morning we’re off to the YMCA as a family as it is President’s Day and the kids are off school.  Our Y has some fun events planned for the children so they can release some energy while Mommy and Daddy work out.  The plan is then for us all to get in the pool for some fun.  My son starts swimming lessons this weekend and, unlike his sister, he has been extremely reluctant to date.  The last thing I want on Saturday morning is to battle with a screaming almost 4 year old, so my plan is to get him used to the pool this morning with Mom and Dad there for reassurance.  Don’t get me wrong he loves the outdoor pool in the summer but maybe it’s the acoustics of the indoor pool or the many faces he doesn’t recognize that bothers him?  Regardless we have our work cut out for us…

Well now I’m off for a healthy greek yoghurt with fruit for breakfast – let’s see if I can keep this restraint up all week, I do love my food!


Music that inspires…

Yesterday I was late to pick my daughter up from the pool and when I arrived she was with her instructor, in tears and panic stricken that Mommy had abandoned her, left the building and forgotten all about her.  I felt like the worse Mom in the World.  I think I managed to convince her that due to the fact I think of her every minute of the day I am unlikely to ever forget about her.  However, given the emotional scars that I left her with yesterday I was extremely cognizant of the time today as I ran on the treadmill while she was swimming again.  I tried to run a fair bit faster to get rid of some the cold germs and work off some calories before going out for dinner tonight.  Hence my shuffle was skipped through until I found some faster tempo music.  Today’s song is Gram Parsons “I Can’t Dance” – MM heard me playing it just now and said wow that is so Camden – so obviously we played it a lot back then in our heady partying days pre-parenthood.  Due to the age of the song and the brevity of Gram’s life I couldn’t find footage of a live performance on You Tube but here’s the tune – enjoy:)