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Music that inspires…

Yesterday I was late to pick my daughter up from the pool and when I arrived she was with her instructor, in tears and panic stricken that Mommy had abandoned her, left the building and forgotten all about her.  I felt like the worse Mom in the World.  I think I managed to convince her that due to the fact I think of her every minute of the day I am unlikely to ever forget about her.  However, given the emotional scars that I left her with yesterday I was extremely cognizant of the time today as I ran on the treadmill while she was swimming again.  I tried to run a fair bit faster to get rid of some the cold germs and work off some calories before going out for dinner tonight.  Hence my shuffle was skipped through until I found some faster tempo music.  Today’s song is Gram Parsons “I Can’t Dance” – MM heard me playing it just now and said wow that is so Camden – so obviously we played it a lot back then in our heady partying days pre-parenthood.  Due to the age of the song and the brevity of Gram’s life I couldn’t find footage of a live performance on You Tube but here’s the tune – enjoy:)