Shorter and darker.

Just 2 weeks ago I went short with my hair again.  After a week at the beach I still felt it was too long and too ‘inbetweeny’.  Not one to mess about I went back to my wonderful stylist, Chadd, yesterday and went even shorter, and then Gina gave me a lovely dark chocolate color.  I feel super sassy – it is amazing how great the ‘right’ cut can make you feel.  I love the darker color too and my hair looks lovely and healthy and shiny – what’s left of it:)


Mango harems 1

Jumper – Uniqlo cashmere crewneck (old) // Trousers – Mango Bambi Harems // Shoes – M&S Limited Collection

The Mango trousers are fabulous – these are a US Small (Eur Medium – they label for the larger US woman!) and they are perfect.


I adore this sleeveless blazer – perfect for throwing on to dress up an outfit.  It will be worn a lot over the Spring here.  It’s an unusual color choice for me but I quite like it for a change – it’s a taupe/cream color.  The fabric is lovely quality too – not shiny at all.

M&S 2 M&S 1


Jacket – M&S Limited Collection // Jumper – Zara (old) // Scarf – H&M (old) // Jeans – Diesel Fayza // Boots – Sam Edelman Petty (reduced here)

It’s freezing here today so the sweaters are out – totally random weather!

Oh and I am getting my navel pierced tomorrow ready for the summer months…the mid-life crisis continues!

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28 thoughts on “Shorter and darker.

  1. Fiona Blake

    Looks fabulous Joanna! You are so good to change your hair to make it what you want – I keep struggling with mine and it’s annoying!

    Love the outfits and I see the holiday tan is still glowing!

      1. Poppy's Style Post author

        The jacket is lovely Jane – I can really see you in it actually – great for tall ladies! xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Not always Andrea – I think sometimes I have to go through the pain of growing it to remind myself how much I love it short! xx

  2. Keri Gray

    Your cut looks great Joanna – I know what it’s like when it’s short though. It always looks great to other people but you just know yourself when it’s not quite right. Mine drives me mad if I leave it a week or too long inbetween cuts.

    Embarrassed to admit this, but I have been traveling back up to Lancashire from Dorset to get my colour and cut done by my old hairdresser. I just haven’t found anyone I’ve clicked with as yet, so have been co-ordinating hair cuts with work visits and conferences back up North! 😉 x

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      That’s the only down fall of short hair – I have to get it cut every 5 weeks – can end up costing an arm and a leg with color too – but I figured I just have to quit with the clothes and spend more on the hair – it’s almost better than a new outfit:)

      It’s tough when you love someone and trust them enough to cut it – I’m lucky I’ve had a couple of great stylists for shorter hair – it really is a skill and so many people here have long hair and just want a ‘trim’ so I completely understand why you would travel for a cut! xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thank you lovely – I am thrilled with it – I love the darker color – it feels so sleek and healthy xx

  3. Michelle Lee (MyFashionable40s)

    Your hair is looking fabulous Joanna! Love it slightly shorter and the colour is gorgeous!
    Totally envious of the Mango trews……may have to steal your style and purchase a pair of those!! The M&S jacket is also looking like a great buy xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      The trousers are fab – I’m wearing the sludgy brown ones from last year that we both have today – super comfy! xx

  4. Style At Every Age (@styleateveryage)

    Loving the hair and how you rock the short styles with confidence! Belly Button, really? I had mine done when I was 30 and had it taken out last year. I would of done it sooner but I was too scared, it still had the original ring in it as bars weren’t out then. The older and fatter I got, I grew to hate it. My girls all had it done in their teens but not one of them has one in now. It can feel tight and sore when you have it done so make sure you don’t have any waistbands near it to aid healing. Good luck xxx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Yep – all ready to go – I figured I want it done so get it done – I can always let it heal if I hate it. I wear bikinis 6 mths out of the year so why not – I’ve lost some weight so can at least see it right now lol:) xx

    1. dinagideon

      OMG. No I meant I hate the “in-betweeny” hair stage when it happens to me…I don’t hate your in-betweeny hair, it is cute! Just not as cute as the new style!

      1. Poppy's Style Post author

        LOL – you’re funny – I hate inbetweeny hair – verges too close to a ‘mom’ cut:)

  5. Maxine

    Yay for short hair!!
    Looks fab..taken years off you (not that you’re old!)
    Absolutely frikkin gorgeous xxx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      LOL – I certainly don’t feel old – but I am in dangerous ‘mutton’ territory sometimes but who cares!? I absolutely love it – and the best bit – just 5 mins to dry and style! xx

  6. schoolgatestyle

    It just gets better and better – you really do suit it shorter and darker! Looking amazing Joanna and (I think) I cannot wait to hear more about the belly button (sucks tummy in while typing that- eek!). Have a super Easter weekend xx

  7. glamrosie

    God I need some of your decisiveness! I love how you don’t waste time, make your mind up and go for it, just love it. And I am just as jealous that all the hair styles suit you as well! Looking fab as always x

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