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Weight loss and margaritas.

I’ve been trying to get back on the weight loss wagon after our guests and then Memorial weekend.  I’m struggling.  Not with food but with cutting out the odd glass of wine.  I’ve been running more hoping that will compensate for the calories but no – I have seriously plateaued.  Last night I had a couple of margaritas while MM and I were getting into the serious territory of prioritizing our renovation projects.  It’s always easier to talk about money and projects with a drop of tequila inside you.  Take it from me I’m much more malleable and I think we came to a great consensus with no stamping of my feet or sulking – a huge success.  So given a few compromises here and there, come the week of the 11th June, we’ll be beginning work on a new master bathroom, new walk in closet, hardwoods in the currently carpeted rooms and new granite and back splash in the kitchen.  I am giddy with excitement – for the result – not the ensuing turmoil, dust and relocation of the family to the basement.  Thankfully 3 of us will be ensconced in Bury for a couple of the weeks – hopefully the dirtiest of them.  Now if the sun could just relocate to Bury again that would be freakin’ awesome:)

I’m struggling with the arrival of summer here and 90 degree temperatures.  I’m still craving boots and pants.  In order to at least look like I’m embracing summer and the passing of Memorial weekend I got the white jeans out today.  These are from Gap who seriously do the best, comfiest skinny stretch jeans ever, and at a great price – I couldn’t see skinnies on their website though, only cropped ones.  With them I’m wearing my new Frye Carson button short boots (the natural color is summery!), an oldish J.Crew tank that was a great sale purchase, and following the theme of yesterday’s post – my Boden jersey jacket from 2011.  I normally wear the sleeves down but the lining matched so well with the tank that I rolled them up – I’m feeling a little Miami Vice – but hoping to goodness that I get away without any predictable Don Johnson comments from MM.

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