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A strange way to begin the week.

What an exciting morning – welcome to those of you who have popped by after seeing my blog mentioned in the Daily Mail – I hope you hang around and enjoy reading my posts.  It was MM* who encouraged me to start blogging as a means to help keep my family and friends on both sides of the Atlantic connected with events, and also as a fun, creative outlet to share my thoughts, passions and opinions.  I am happy to see from the comments on the Daily Mail article that there are many other people out there with strong opinions that they like to share!

So as I was neglecting my family this morning and checking myself out in the mirror every couple of minutes and wondering where I might spend my Husband’s money today I almost decided to take a day off from posting – but where’s the fun in that?;)

I had to drag the children out of bed this morning – both of them completely exhausted from a weekend at the pool.  I am so proud of my daughter – not yet 6 – she passed her swim test that allows her to use the slide at the pool.  It’s a huge milestone for anyone who is less than 4ft tall and thus not eligible to slide without passing the test due to the height restriction.  She had to swim a full length freestyle and then tread water for a minute.  I’ve never seen her so determined and she wore that green wristband with pride all weekend long!

I’m still vacillating over growing my hair – I wish it was a quick fix.  I’m definitely heading into bouffant territory but I think I’m going to continue with the pain.  Every time I see cute pixie cut though I start question my decision, plus for the first time in 21 years I have MM telling me he now prefers short hair!

I opted to wear something bright and cheery today to start the penultimate week of the school year.  We all have so many events and activities this week I am praying that coffee and bright colors will keep my mood buoyant.  I’m wearing my Boden silk whisper top from 2011, a J.Crew skirt from a couple of springs ago, my Tory Burch sand Revas and the necklace and belt are both Target who always have great cheap and cheerful accessories.

*MM – My Man


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The Daily Mail!

Super excited and honored to be mentioned by the Daily Mail in the UK as one of the best of the other blogs in their article on School-gate Icons featuring my blogging buddy Avril at SchoolGateStyle.com, along with other great bloggers – what a privilege to be in such great company!

I’ve never been so happy to be called ‘unpretentious’!

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Defending one of my favorite brands.

It really must be a slow news day in the U.K. today.  For some reason the press has decided to have a go at Boden.  Claims of it being too expensive, out of touch with the current level of austerity, smugness and other such things, have been made by The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail.  For the U.S. readers both these newspapers are right wing, Conservative leaning papers who try to appeal to the British middle class, Tory voting stereotype.  I find The Daily Mail to be a really quite overtly right wing rag that often peddles far nastier, polarizing articles than today’s Boden bashing.

Having read both these articles I have found they are both representative of incredibly poor, sloppy journalism, probably written by graduates of journalism courses with crap A’ levels.  Yes I’m pissed – ‘mad’ for you Brits out there (Sorry for the US/UK English mashup!).

1.  The online version of the Daily Telegraph’s article has a whopping spelling error in their poll – all credibility lost after that I’m afraid.

2. Neither article mentions the fact that no true Boden fan ever buys at full price – the sticker prices are inflated so that Boden can continue to lure and incent customers with great offers and deals.  There’s practically a new code every week and fans know where to find them.

3. Mumsnet is a dreadful source of information – who goes to a forum designed for bitching and moaning?  They’ve always had it in for Boden and most visitors are probably the ‘mums who have given up brigade’.  Get a grip.  If any reporting was fair the reporters would also have acknowledged the Boden Community members who are fanatical about Boden and wait with baited breath for sales to start and new seasons to be released.  Where are the quotes from BC, not to mention the active Facebook fan page, Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph?

Yes I’m mad and have flown to the defense of my beloved brand.  I for one will continue to enjoy my Boden and wear it with pride and smugness – well why not if it looks good!?  If anything I am more irritated by the poor journalism than the actual subject matter, and to think I used to miss the British press.