Meet the parents.

So tonight we have our parent/teacher party.  We didn’t go last year so I’m really not sure what I’m in for but basically one set of parents from the class has kindly offered to host a ‘meet and greet’ where all the parents get to mingle and meet the teacher in a relaxed, informal environment.  It’s also a potluck where we can take an appetizer, dessert or wine – guess who’s taking wine?  Yep me – partly because I want to make sure there is some there and partly because I am rubbish at being organized enough to prepare something to take.  As MM and I had to organize a babysitter for the evening we have decided to get our moneys worth and head out afterwards for some fun:)  I can’t wait – it feels a bit naughty on a school night!

Given my daughter and her friend have already been to the Principle’s office just 5 weeks into the year (the shame!) it should be interesting!  MM is quite proud of her achievements, and after getting 2 yellow lights in 2 days he has suggested encouraging her to just go for it this September and get it all out of her system.  As you can imagine I don’t quite approve of this approach – but I’m also quite proud of us for dealing with it in such a relaxed fashion – she is only 6 after all and she has been quite remorseful – at least in front of us!  In my eyes they were fairly minor offenses and I’m happy for the discipline to be handed out at school – we’ve obviously discussed it at home and I think she’s got the message.  My dentist is also a parent at the school and yesterday she made me feel so much better when she told me she had received 3 calls from her son’s teacher in just one day last week – relating parenting nightmares is always fun and it’s nice to be reassured that we can all be as incompetent as each other sometimes:)

So hopefully I’ll have another outfit shot tonight to share – not sure what to wear at all given it’s relaxed and informal but I go out so rarely it’s always nice to make a bit of an effort:)

Today I decided to wear a skirt – mainly because I wanted to wear my Frye Sabrinas and they look so much better with skirts than trousers – these clay ones are currently on sale at  This is an old J.Crew linen skirt worn with an Express tank and H&M linen jumper.  The necklace is an old J.Crew outlet one which I love – it’s like the blue one I wore here.

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