Entitled to a response.

So my friend told me not to look but I did and I suddenly remembered why I never visit Mumsnet.  People are rude and mean from behind their laptops.  All of us who blog know we don’t appeal to everyone – we don’t intend to.  We don’t take ourselves too seriously – it really is just for fun – and we know we don’t always, by any means, get it right.  Poppy’s Style is written to give you a light hearted look into my fashion, and sometimes life, choices…nothing more than that – I am no authority.  To those of you who read and enjoy – thank you!  We really appreciate your comments and friendship.  Given I put myself out in the cyber world every day I guess a lesson for me is to toughen up a bit and appreciate some value in the negative comments.  I’ll try, or I’ll just ignore them.

Okay rant over and I shall not be paying any more attention to the Mumsnet forums thank you!

Yesterday we had a fabulous time with a gymnastics recital in morning and a Halloween party in the afternoon – I still can’t get excited enough about Halloween to dress up but I did wear a dress!  It’s the H&M tunic dress which I dressed down for being outside and teamed it with my Boden cashmere wrap from AW 2011, Target tights, Frye Phillip studded harness tall boot, and my Zara bordeaux scarf.  Closet assembly is still in progress as you can see!

Enjoy your Sunday:) xx

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16 thoughts on “Entitled to a response.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thanks Anne – funnily enough I felt more defensive about what had been said about my blogging friends – it makes me sad…but I’m moving on:) We’re all doing what we love and that’s what counts xx

  1. Lucy lewty

    I am sorry people feel the need to be rude or write unkind things about your posts. I personally love them and follow yours and @doesmy bumlook40 s blog. I have purchased some ash boots on the back of your blogs. They are meant to be about fun and enjoyment and as far as I can see if you don’t like them don’t read them. I personally think you are doing a great job and say keep them coming. Ignore those who don’t appreciate you!!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thanks Lucy!! I feel bad now as I wasn’t looking for flattery lol:) Just had to get it off my chest! Happy to be an enabler when it comes to purchases:) Thanks for commenting!

  2. Diane

    Aww, hope you didn’t take any comments too much to heart. I love reading your blog and does my bum look 40, probably because I’m just a naturally nosey person. I suppose if you put yourself out there on the World Wide Web people are naturally going to comment, having said that I do get shocked by the viciousness of some people, as my mum says if you haven’t got anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. I don’t always agree with style choices made on blogs but so what, I’m sure if people saw what I wore they wouldn’t like all my choices all of the time, but so what, I think sometimes people miss the point of these kinds of blogs, maybe I’m a bit sad but I like to think of the Internet as being a more modern version of the pen pal letters we used to write when we were kids, a way of connecting to people who you would never come across in any other way, but I think unfortunately there are a lot of people who use the Internet for the anonymity it gives them and use that anonymity to just slag people off. Anyway rant over. Love your scarf by the way, Zara have some great accessories this season. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thanks Diane – not worried about it anymore – I love people have their different opinions I just wish they were a little less rude when articulating them!:)

  3. School Gate Style

    Well said and you’re looking lovely today Joanna. It’s the same old bitchy comments re-hashed so I know we should ignore but this time, I just couldn’t. Sorry to bring to your attention. I was v upset when I told you. But I am so pleased that there are nice posters on that thread defending us. They are so kind and brave to do that.
    Chin up my bloggy friend…sending hugs x

  4. Martina Walsh

    I don’t know what to say to you about those people because I just don’t understand them or their motivations. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs & others, I don’t have your budget for clothes but I still love seeing your latest purchases. I love your style, as we say here “Fe.k the begrudges”

  5. Sue

    I joined Mumsnet a little while back only because I noticed that I was getting some traffic through there. But I’ve not looked on it since till today after reading your post and just wanting to know what was going on. I know from reading some past comments that some of the people can be quite vicious in their comments but I hadn’t expected some of the more acidic remarks made for the sake of it. Best to leave it behind you. Some people won’t understand why people blog, not all blogs will appeal, if you don’t like a blog, move on – no one says you have to read it and be influenced by it and that’s how you have to dress. I blog because I like fashion – probably a lot more than a lot of my friends so it’s nice to have a little outlet where you can meet people to have a discussion and have a bit of fun. Not all things are relevant – some things hit home more than others. I was certainly surprised way back when the Daily Mail feature came out and the viciousness of the comments which came from nowhere. I was aware of the post being imminent having befriended Lucy from Suburban Style and luckily she took it with a pinch of salt and good humour. Chin up girl. Smile. And like your friend says “don’t read mumsnet”.

    And last comment – you have the best boots porn around :o)

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thanks Sue – I won’t be going back there that’s for sure – it doesn’t seem a very uplifting place to be! I used to be on the Boden Community and that got dragged down by the mean girls – I guess they are always lurking somewhere. None of us expect, or want for that matter, to appeal to everyone, that would be dull – criticism is one thing, rudeness is another. At least it makes us aware of who is stopping by to read and it did send my traffic up yesterday – maybe some new readers will hang around:)

      I’ll keep the porn coming:)

  6. Pauline McEllin Pichoff

    I haven’t been on Mumsnet in years but I wouldn’t take any of what was said to heart….you can’t please all the people all the time!! And I love your writing style and you’ve definately inspired me to try some new things…about to buy the second pair of skinny jeans and am now looking for some cute ankle boots:-) Keep it up!!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Ha happy to enable your purchases Pauline:) Thanks for the support – I am well over being worried about it – I love what I am doing and that’s mainly what counts – and the fact that you all keep coming back:) x


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