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Hmmm, shouldn’t have worn ballet flats.

My feet are FREEZING.  After 74 degrees temps last weekend we now have the threat of snow on the way tonight.  Not quite as much as you are all experiencing on the other side of the Atlantic (my friend in St. Tropez even shared snaps of snow on palm trees) – but enough to send Atlanta into a frenzy of panic buying bread and milk, and rushing to get home before the roads get bad.  We are absolutely unprepared for snow and ice here.  Two years ago, at this time of year, we were housebound for a week due to an ice storm.  There were no gritters (not sure they’re called that here – but trucks that spread salt) available to salt any of the minor roads, plus the power kept going out due to branches falling from the weight of the ice.  Nightmare.  Fingers crossed it won’t be anywhere near that bad tonight.  Anyway I have panic bought wine and have enough to last at least a couple of days if needed.  Sorted.

Tired of jeans this week I chose my harem trousers from Zara (similar here).  I’m wearing them with a Zara animal print t-shirt and the lovely Boden Must have jumper – of which there are still several in the clearance section.  I love the simple silhouette of this jumper and the button detail on the shoulders is really cute.  Unsurprisingly this isn’t the only one I own.  The shoes are Tory Burch Revas in mouse (old) – whatever possessed me not to wear socks and boots!?


Oh I am in desperate need of a haircut too, not to mention the state of my brows, so I better had be able to get to my appointment in the morning!  Keep warm and dry where ever you are!


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Harem trousers – I love ’em.

Now we’ve discussed before how harem trousers are a love ’em or loathe ’em item but I really do love ’em.  I’ve decided it all hails back to when I met MM in 1991.  He was/is a non-conformist and when I met him he had long curly hair and more jewelry than me.  He always wore loud shirts with harem trousers and his red Converse hi-tops, which incidentally, he has on his feet today – not the same pair mind you.  MM was fortunate that all his harem trousers were hand made in Turkey.  As a PhD student in Byzantine history he was lucky enough to have regular trips to Turkey where he could indulge in Efes pilsener, Roman ruins and fine tailoring.  I must dig out the photo of the first University Ball he took me to – he wore black harem trousers, a tailcoat, black shirt with white polka dots, a white bow tie and the omnipresent red converse – he’s such a wall flower…

Anyhow I am now the flag bearer in the family when it comes to harem trousers.  Today I have on the Zara grey trousers (they’re labeled as khaki on the site but they are definitely grey) which are super soft and comfortable.  I try to wear them with a more fitted top so I don’t look too overwhelmed.  Today I have my Boden blackberry Must Have jumper layered over a black Zara t-shirt.  The scarf is H&M and the boots are the Isabel Marant Dickers.  So thoughts please would you, do you do harem trousers?

IMG_3478 IMG_3489

Here’s my outfit from yesterday – black Gap skinny jeans, a black Gap t-shirt and the AllSaints Plume cardigan from the sale back in June, all finished off with the mocha Acne Pistols.  We happened to be doing some work on the IKEA Pax last night, and without the cardi and boots MM said I bore a keen resemblance to the IKEA ninja in the instructions…he can mock when he can beat my time for drawer assembly…


I also got to try on my new Boden Fairisle jumper.  I’m so glad I sized up in this – this is a US 10 but fits far better than the 8 – I can’t abide tight knitwear and this now falls really well.  Not my usual style but I really like it for winter and it complements my Pistols perfectly!  There aren’t many left in stock after all the promotions recently, but worth stalking.



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Feeling brighter.

I’m definitely on the mend and putting it all down to the beetroot and ginger:)  The sun is also shining here.  That can’t be said for the North East – some of who were shoveling their cars out from snow this morning.  I’m hoping for a white Xmas – MM thinks I’m mad – he’d live in 80 degree heat all year if he could.  Me on the other hand – I love my seasons and the sweaters and boots that come with winter.

You all know how much I love my boots and after the Newburys and Pistols this year I can hardly justify any more.  The Isabel Marant Dickers have been on my radar for a while – but are they now just too passé?  There are so many copies available – far cheaper – and even Boden have now joined the band wagon.  I’ve never known them to add a new item mid season like this before – but yesterday the Boho boot suddenly appeared.  Now I quite like them – but wish the top was a little lower and more sculpted, like the Dicker, and that the tabs weren’t so big.  If anyone buys them let me know what you think of them – I might be tempted to try in the sale if there are still some left!

It’s quite a milestone for the blog today – I’ve bought a tripod!  No more blurry iPhone shots!  The tripod is fabulous but I won’t tell you how long it took me to figure out the timer on the camera – or how many times I nearly broke my neck dashing into position – suave, elegant, sophisticated – that’s me:)  Need to practice that one – I look quite startled too:)

I feel like I’m cheating today as I really am wearing a sort of sweat pant.  They are jersey harem pants that I got from ASOS last year – I love them – and to be honest I normally wear them with sandals in the summer – but their comfy waistband was beckoning me this morning.  I paired them with the Boden Hampton t-shirt from AW 2011 and the radish Must Have jumper from SS 2012 (available this season here).  I love this radish color – it is perfect for all year round.  The jersey scarf was a bargain in the SS sale – it’s first proper outing and I love it – so long and soft.  So I don’t feel like I’m giving up completely in my harem pants, I’ve styled my hair and I’m wearing my Rag & Bone Newbury boots🙂

I’ve had a couple of emails/comments about my nail polish recently and this is Chanel Vamp – the lipstick it my favorite right now – Revlon Wine with Everything – the perfect subtle red.




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