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Where am I and what time is it?

Jet lagged.  Very.  Why does it affect me more coming back this way?  Managed to survive Hugh’s party yesterday though, only just, then devoured a mountain of pizza to feel better.  Very fuzzy today and I have a drum kit to assemble tonight for the birthday boy!


IMG_4769 IMG_4789 IMG_4762

Jacket – Boden tweed jacket (old) // Trousers – J.Crew wool café capris in guava // Jumper – Boden sparkle Skye jumper // Boots – Acne Pistols.


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A natural high.

So I paid a visit to see Charlie yesterday at the AllSaints concession in Bloomingdale’s here in Atlanta.  The lovely Charlie went above and beyond the call of duty to help and advise me.  I tried on everything I could in the limited time available.  Rubbish me didn’t get any photos – I just didn’t think sorry!  I was too busy chatting with Charlie about the brand, and admiring the new, improved layout of the store and the fabulous new collection.

I can report back on the following items though:

1. The Sago jumper dress is gorgeous – sexy, drapey and SO flattering with leggings or jeans.  I’m waiting for the black to come in and then it will be mine – make sure you size down.

2. The Riviera dress – now in jersey it just didn’t work – the slits are so high at the thigh and the jersey falls so that ALL my thigh was on show.  Now my legs ain’t bad but showing them up to my hoo-ha at my age just ain’t decent.  The Riviera in the silk peony print, however, was DIVINE!  The silk means it falls a little more conservatively at the front.  Yes there are still splits at each side – but I felt sexy in this, not mutton.  I am sorely tempted by the peony print but I’m not really a navy girl so will be waiting for the mono print.  I have VERY high hopes for this dress.

3. The Camille jersey dress – hmmm I sized down and it still felt a bit blah – just too shapeless I’m afraid.

4. The Venice tee dress – I bought this!  In Charcoal, and wait for it – in a size UK 4!!!! No way am I a 4 (US 0) but I’ll take it!  (Lovely Charlie massaged my ego telling me how much weight I’d lost – no wonder his sales numbers are up!).

5. The Ggt Daiaki dress – I really loved the silhouette of this dress – and it would look so cool, edgy and sophisticated with leggings.  Unfortunately my boobs meant that the buttons gaped – it would have been mine were it not for that – sizing up would have made it too sack like:(

6. The Peony sleeveless crew neck – on the hanger this looked perfect – on me it looked dreadful.  AllSaints here is a plea to you – stop making your armholes SO big – I don’t want to show my bra never mind the roll of flab that sits above it – smaller arm holes would be far more flattering and protect others from viewing far too much, thank you.

As I walked out of Bloomingdale’s I was delighted to see a new Ted Baker concession.  My sister loves Ted Baker and we often have a look when we’re at the Trafford Center.  Since my visit yesterday I have been thinking longingly about this beauty – the Rainbow Viewpoint dress.  Loud yes, but it reminds me so much of London I might just have to have it.



Without wanting to sound completely self righteous, I had the most amazing run on the treadmill this morning so I was still high as a kite when I took my photos today…I’m wearing the AllSaints Godiva sweater, from the sale last year, layered over an H&M tank dress, with the Zara snake print trousers and my Acne Pistols.

IMG_4548 IMG_4558 IMG_4559



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Sweden, douze points.

Some days you just know you got it right.  Even if others don’t agree it doesn’t matter because you know you nailed it.  Whether it’s the way a scarf picks out the colors, the new shoes you’re wearing, or even just the right piece of underwear – you feel damn hot when you walk out of the door and there ain’t no shame in that.

I’m having one of those days today.  It’s an outfit I threw together last minute as I was initially envisioning brown leggings but then discovered they were in still to be washed.  Thank goodness for that – what a dowdy outfit it could have become!  Instead I was inspired by the blush trim on my H&M scarf and went for my favorite blush Express Zelda jeans.  The sweater dress is the incredible bargain from H&M that I got at the weekend – just $25 and SO soft.  I adore the tulip shape and the asymmetrical hem.  Now the boots maybe what make the outfit – at least I feel like I’m in heaven wearing them – and it’s their first outing!  The amazing Acne Pistols.  Now I know what all the fuss is about.  They are a ridiculous indulgence but they are freakin’ cool.

So now for the explanation of the title of this post for my non-European readers.  In Europe we have a fascinating phenomenon known as the Eurovision song contest.  Held every May, qualified European countries enter a ‘singing’ competition in order to be ridiculed by the rest of Europe.  Don’t get me wrong, there have been some amazing success stories – ABBA being the most prolific (and they’re Swedish, continuing to prove the point I am trying to make).  However the vast majority of us watch it to see which country has the most eccentric entry – and believe me there have been many as seen here.  Anyway in the 2 hour long voting process that takes place afterward where each country awards points, based sometimes on political agendas, the highest awarded is 12.  Point distribution is read in English and French – hence “Sweden, douze points!” from this little ole judge here:)  Phew…was it worth it?  Anyway douze points goes to the Swedes because they really are quite clever – not only do they have a fantastic standard of living, a great education system and fabulous childcare facilities –

1. Where would I be without H&M this Fall?

2. My IKEA Pax closet is the best invention ever and is taking shape in my closet as you can see in today’s photo – beyond thrilled I tell you.

3. Acne – well what more can I say about my beautiful boots?

4. Our great friends Simon and Karin live in Stockholm.

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