Beach vacation.

This place is amazing.  It’s one of those vacations where everything falls in to place, almost.

The kids have been jumping the surf at 8am each morning, and MM and I have managed to get a couple of beach runs in to burn off the calories from the excesses of each evening.  Yes, we’ve even managed to light the charcoal grill:)  Nothing better than burgers with Prosecco!


My afternoon margaritas have been cunningly disguised in my coffee cup.


The house, fortunately, is perfect – basic, but right on the beach.  It’s amazing how easy the day becomes when you don’t have to pack bags and food for a day at the beach.  Not to mention we can all chill out away from the sun when we feel like it.  The only thing we’re missing are the dogs – they don’t deal well with the heat – I hope they are behaving for the house sitter!



I’ve been relishing living in bikinis, shorts and t-shirts.  I packed light, and living with a capsule wardrobe is fabulously freeing.  No decisions to make except choosing which shorts are clean.

denim shorts

Shorts – JCrew selvedge shorts (old – similar here) // t-shirt – Target // hat – Target

IMG_5234 IMG_5238


Shorts – JCrew Factory bermudas // t-shirt – Target (old) // hat – Target // Flip flops – Havaianas // sunglasses – Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Of course we can never go away without drama.  Poor Poppy managed to get half the deck in her foot on Sunday evening.  I tried removing the splinter but she was obviously in pain.  Monday morning we headed to Urgent Care.  The poor wee thing had to have a huge needle in her foot for anesthetic then the Dr. had to use a scalpel to remove it – it was embedded in her foot so deeply!  I held on to her for dear life – I never want to hear screams of pain like that again.  I was in tears and shaking – and I wasn’t even going through the pain!!  She was an absolute star and once it was all over all she was concerned about was the color of her bandage.  I think she is feeling quite the hero now.





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21 thoughts on “Beach vacation.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      It is lovely and I was doing well staying off the Zara app while here – but your dress has just tempted me back on there – I haven’t bought anything the whole time I’ve been here – a record!

  1. avenue57

    I love your shorts – I need some shorts as the only ones I have are hot pant style ones and I’m now too old and too wobbly to wear them!

    I’m loving Poppy’s sandals to match dress and bandage to clash (well) with the seat – hope she recovers quickly


    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Don’t be ridiculous Fiona – I have short shorts and long shorts – in fact this is the first time I’ve worn bermudas in years as I was too worried they’d make me look short but I really like how casual they are.

  2. Martha

    It’s a whole different experience having a house at the beach. Running back for drinks or extra towels. Glad you’re having a nice time… hope Poppy is feeling much better!

  3. Sue

    Loving your holiday attire. Reminds me of mine when I was in Greece last year. And all the tops are from Target! If you see any left, give me a holler, they’re exactly my kind of thing!

    And your Poppy has the cutest face. And the best dress sense.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Oh Sue I will – they were all sale ts too – probably $10 at the most! It is lovely just throwing on a bikini and shorts – no thinking involved and my desire to purchase anything has evaporated – I’d be a rich woman living here:) Poppy loves her clothes as much as I do – but that dress was only $5 from H&M – brilliant!

  4. evi

    poor little girl… but in the pic she really looks like a brave hero.
    this beach looks beautiful and makes me sooo jealous 🙂 I’m dreaming of the sea almost every night.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      She was so brave – Mommy wasn’t nearly as tough:( She’s just written a brilliant story about the whole experience for school – so she is going to milk this for some time! I love this beach living – I think I could really get used to it!

  5. Carrie74

    Oh where are you? That house looks fantastic, and the beach is making me yearn to get back to Florida (only returned on Thursday!).

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Fort Morgan on the Alabama Gulf coast – it’s amazing – quiet and great for the kids – not too touristy. The house is fabulous – it’s so good to get some sun isn’t it!?

      1. Carrie74

        Beautiful and never heard of it before. May be off to do some research while considering next Easter’s break…Have a wonderful time. Looks like fabulous weather. [sigh]

  6. Andrea

    Oh wow! What a wonderful place for a family hol! I do hope your lil’ Poppy feels better asap & please tell her she is my new fashion icon! Ax

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